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Monday, July 10, 2006

Dancing Around the Edge of Pleasure - 2

I was asked if I would be expanding on my earlier post.

Thoughts have been zapping from synapse to synapse. It is an interesting time for me as I get to know someone new.

In relationships, that dance around the edge often leads to us tumbling headlong into the pool of pleasure, sending waves crashing back to the edges of it. After a while they may become mere ripples.

Sometimes the pool becomes still and without obvious energy, even though the potential is there. Too often the excitement of possibility mutes into the familiarity of the known. However, if we can recognise that lapse before it becomes accepted as the norm, we can stay connected.

Possibilities are endless if we wish that for ourselves.

But, not everything lasts and sometimes we find ourselves back where we started, looking for our next dance around the edge of pleasure.


DG said...

That is the great challenge and if it is worhwhile, it will always be good.

Dayli said...

Your eloquence is undeniable. The images so closely reflecting the analogy.

No wonder "you did all this, through the written word"...


Steve said...

Desire turns into drive.

Acushla, thanks for your comment on my blog today...

how did you find it? via DG, I suspect.
how long have you been reading it? Was today the first time?

Fiona said...

Yes, Steve, I found you through DG and today was my first time at your board...but you are now on my daily read list.

Thank you for visiting and posting here.


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