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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Obsession .... Possession

When does loving someone become an obsession? When does wanting someone become possession of them?

I once knew a man, and knew him well, who was obsessed with possessing a woman. It's a jarring thing to see how destructive something can be. How love can turn to obsession and wanting to hold can turn to possession.

He never did get over her. That woman was not me. I was the woman who came after her. The woman who would always come after her in his heart and mind.


DG said...

I suppose you can obsess and not love, but how can you not love and obsess

Fiona said...

well said babe...it's when the obsessing continues after the love has died...and in doing so destroys

love for ... and an obsession with ... are indeed a wonderful thing *S*

Steve said...

"When does wanting someone become possession of them?"


It's the thought / immanent knowledge of losing someone that you love, that makes each remaining moment in their presence more intensely personal and more real than anything you have ever know before.

Sunny Delight said...

Oh this one...this post...it is a breeding ground for so many thoughts...the words obsession and possesion are frightening to me...i do know that loving someone can become an obsession...it is something that I desperately hold back from...my entire adult life was too much of that...the negative side having someone feel that obsession and possesion directed toward you is that it can steal you away, if you try to live within the boundaries the obsessed sets...and it is so very easy to get lost.


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