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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Reading through blogs earlier I was struck by a post about two people feeling they had been made for each other, a physical, emotional, spiritual, mental fit.

It reminded me of something I'd read many years ago which at the time really resonated for me and which I'm glad I've been able to find again. I'd like to share it.

There is someone special for everyone. Often there are two or three or even four. They come from different generations. They travel across oceans of time and the depths of heavenly dimensions to be with you again. You are bonded together throughout eternity, and you will never be alone.

Your head may interfere: “I do not know you.” Your heart knows.

He takes your hand for the first time, and the memory of his touch transcends time and sends a jolt through every atom of your being. She looks into your eyes, and you see a soul companion across centuries. Your stomach turns upside down. Your arms are gooseflesh. Everything outside this moment loses its importance.

He may not recognize you, even though you have finally met again, even though you know him. You can feel the bond. You can see the potential, the future. But he does not. His fears, his intellect, his problems keep a veil over his heart’s eyes. He does not let you help him sweep the veil aside. You mourn and grieve, and he moves on. Destiny can be so delicate.

When both recognize each other, no volcano could erupt with more passion. The energy released is tremendous.

Soul recognition may be immediate. A sudden feeling of familiarity, of knowing this new person at depths far beyond what the conscious mind could know. At depths usually reserved for the most intimate family members. Or even deeper than that. Intuitively knowing what to say, how they will react. A feeling of safety and a trust far greater than could be earned in only one day or one week or one month.

Soul recognition may be subtle and slow. A dawning of awareness as the veil is gently lifted. Not everyone is ready to see right away. There is a timing at work, and patience may be necessary for the one who sees first.

You may be awakened to the presence of your soul companion by a look, a dream, a memory, a feeling. You may be awakened by the touch of his hands or the kiss of her lips, and your soul is jolted back to life.

The touch that awakens may be that of your child, of a parent, of a sibling, or of a true friend. Or it may be your beloved, reaching across the centuries, to kiss you once again and to remind you that you are together always, to the end of time.

~ Only Love is Real - Brian Weiss, M.D. ~

This part:

"You can see the potential, the future. But he does not. His fears, his intellect, his problems keep a veil over his heart’s eyes. He does not let you help him sweep the veil aside. You mourn and grieve, and he moves on. Destiny can be so delicate."

is oh so true for me, about this man I know. Fate can offer up introductions, but it's up to us what we do with them.

How about you, have you encountered your soulmate or, better yet, are you lucky enough to be with him/her?


Steve said...

I like this article.

I felt deeply, that I had found my soulmate once. But, in hindsight, I am wondering if soulmates are not found (as they say), but made.

Fiona said...

Found or made, the search is where so much of our growth comes from, so much of our learning about ourselves.

Steve said...

True, but I remember how discomforting it was for me to hear my friends say that each of us only has one true soulmate... and we cannot search for that person, they can only be found. It left me feeling somewhat helpless and depressed.

I have never 'bought' into that concept at all... as romantic as it sounds, it is just a myth to me... one that I adamantly reject out of fear...

Fiona said...

I think you're wise, Steve, not to buy into the 'only one and you can't look for them' concept. If we did that we'd be in relationships and keep thinking the 'right one' will come along, and that would stop us maybe from fully engaging in what we have with our partner.

I just know there is a man I can't be with, who has felt like an old friend from the first time we said hello. And that I can understand the depth at which a soul can feel another soul.

Steve said...

My philosophy on the soul...is throughout my entire blog, Acushla.

But here and here are what I believe in so strongly.

Fiona said...

Very interesting Steve, I shall reflect on what you wrote. Thank you for pointing me in that direction.

Sunny Delight said...

I have met many of my soulmates, I have written on this topic in I think all of my blogs.....we have many...and when that connection is recognized by both...oh what an amazing feeling...I don't search....I don't think you can...as long as we leave ourselves open to the possibilities...then they exist...yes I am a romantic :)

Fiona said...

I agree SD and I'll never give up being open to possibilities. Some have given happiness, some have brought terrible sadness. But all were welcomed and I think that's the key, letting ourselves be open to possibilities, being willing to take a chance and risk.

Anonymous said...

I am sure I have felt this. The moment I saw him I knew we had been brought together for a reason. The split second I looked into his eyes I was lost and any feeling I had for another man simply vanished. Yet I am confused not knowing if he has felt it too or not. Destiny is a strange thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes.I met him.His eyes were unique.Translucent.Dark brown almost like ebony.Shining like crystals and deep like the sea.Gave me a feeling I know him for ages.Very true that destiny is strange.I don't know what he felt for me ,but I fell head over heels.I knew that this was a soul connection.But I let him go.If God permits,I will meet him again

Ann said...

Well, when i looked into his eyes I couldn't move and I felt like a snap..sort of. I couldn't look away. It was like the whole world wasn't there for a moment. It was just him and I. It was...extraordinary. Could this be the soul mate connection?

Anonymous said...

God bless you to do that.


Anonymous said...

Ann...i think the question is for yourself more than anyone else. Trust your intuition...could this be the soul mate connection?


Anonymous said...

I met my soulmate online. And I still haven't met him yet because he lives so far away. The trust is immediate. Immediate. We got more close and intimate that you would with your own personal doctor and my logical mind threw up every reason to question why but my heart just kept going along with this virtual stranger. One day I hope to meet him but I can never be with him. Not in this life anyway. Not in physical form anyway. And the challenge has been to balance that frustration and sadness with the sense of rejoicing that I've at least met that person with whom I have shared the deepest part of myself.

Fortunately for me, my best girlfriend is my soulmate too. And interestingly through this process of sharing with her the experiences of meeting my other soulmate, I connected back with her in a much more deeper way and we are on such an adventure of new found friendship right now. We always once we clicked in a deeply spiritual way but our own soulmate connection is now being experienced. It's such an intense high.

I believe each one of us has at least a few soulmates. Dr. weiss actually explains it in that same book beautifully. If we are all like leaves in the twig of a tree, the soulmates that we are looking for are those neighboring leaves on the same twig. There are other leaves on the branches and leaves all over every branch of the same tree. But the ones we most closely identify with are the leaves on the same twig as us.

So take heart. We don't have just one soulmate. We have a few at least. And we choose to travel together to help one another grow.

And yes...you cannot go looking for one. That's where the law of attraction comes into play. It says...you attract what you are, not what you want.

So be the most loving wonderful pen hearted version of yourself. You will attract all the right people into your life. And you will be able to enjoy their offerings to you in a whole new way. And perhaps discover those connections you are seeking....


bb fan said...

I fell in love with a guy that opened my heart charka. All from just eye contact. It started as like a magnet effect. He would always be looking at me and I couldnt take my eyes off him. And I would daze out and think "what just happened". It then started as flutters in my stomach then moved into my heart. My heart would skip, beat faster and just go insane just by looking into his eyes. It then turned to flutters in my heart, pangs and overall intense good feeling. We both took every opportunity to look at eachother. I would get a little upset if he didnt look at me and its like he knew and went out of his way to do what I was upset about. For over a year this is been going on. We never spoke to eachother, well I didnt want to. I was way too nervous. Too nervous to the point i would hide. And if he was around me, his face would go all red so I think he was nervous too. So much I wanted to say to him or even ask him but I could never build the esteem to do it. In my eyes hes just perfect, so perfect that he feels way too good for me. As I felt I was going insane I seen a psychic and he said we wont be together in this lifetime. So for the last 2 months iv been trying to walk away. Hes tried a few times to talk to me but my nerves get the better of me and I end up ignoring him or giving him the evils and regretting what I just done and questioning why I just did it. The flutters have gone. I dont know where they gone. I havent felt them for a while. But I still adore every bit of him. I like being around him, he feels very therapeutic to my energy field. (Another thing I dont understand)
As long as hes happy thats all that matters. Im miserable but il get myself through it. I dont understand why im soo attracted to him. His eyes do something to me I cant get my head around. And I know that I will love this man for the rest of my life. Regardless of being together or not.

browniebear said...

We have multitude of soul mates. Our relationships to them should not be sexual. Once sex comes into it, the relationship won't last.
Some relationships when sex comes into play will last. Spiritual relationships won't. I don't know why that is.
We can voice our feelings, a touch of a hand or sweet gentle kiss even. But sex, will make it tumble down.

Just be thankful to come across your soul mate and wish them the very best!

Anonymous said...

I've met mine but I'm in a long term relationship. The hardest part is he found me & he too is in a long term relationship! I was memorized by his beautiful chocolate brown eyes! I even told him that the first time we met! We had a secret friendship that lasted over 3 years that suddenly came to an abrupt end once his partner knew of me! ...& now I pine, I cry at night, yearning for him, but know our relationship will always be doomed by the existence of our respective current partners! He cane into my life at a time I thought I would never survive, he gave me purpose when there was no hope! My heart still yearns for him so badly but the timing is not right. I dream of one day being with him without guilt or shame but it's the unknown of the p possibility of never seeing him again that breaks my heart!

Anonymous said...

4 years ago I met a guy through work. He was from an external agency working with my organisation. We clearly had a bit of mutual attraction going on. We were both leads on the project. We had one long meeting, just the two of us. It was my first time being alone with him. I felt just utterly comfortable and we just sat there laughing. At one point we made eye contact and kaboom. It was like being hit by a truck. It wasn't a flutter of butterflies, it was a full thunderbolt in my stomach. I actually took a deep breath and glanced away. He did the same and we both went a bit silent. Muddled our way through the meeting and then it was time for me to leave. After I left his office, he came out after me (I heard him running) and I turned round. He just stopped and stared. We just stared and both started laughing. Then said goodbye again.

Both of us were in relationships it turned out. (I was in an unhappy relationship which ended when that person cheated on me). We worked on the project for a year. After a year I left my job to go elsewhere. We didn't stay in touch because... It wasn't appropriate I guess. We had some professional exchanges here and there.

I didn't really stop thinking about him. Like not in a crazy way. My unhappy relationship ended when I started my new job but I didn't reach out to him because he was still in his relationship. He became a bar for the kind of person I wanted to meet. (Still searching).

Anyway. A few months ago I started to feel very low, empty, like something was missing. Couldn't put my finger on it. I started coming across things or people that kept making me think about him quite out of blue. I can't explain it. I mentioned it to a friend and she thought it was a sign I should drop him a message. I didn't. One day I was thinking about him and how I hoped to meet someone like him again one day. Switched on the radio and it was programme about people dying and what happens to their digital footprint, and how people discovering someone they know has died through their Facebook page is becoming normal. Later that night I went to his Facebook page to send him a message and discovered he had died a few months before in a tragic accident. It was even in the papers.

I was utterly floored. I don't think we were ever destined to be together but I do think he was an important person or there was some connection. I'll never forget that feeling when our eyes connected. It was like our souls recognised each other.

(FYI I'm a pretty skeptical person. The idea of soul mates and twin flames was something I always scoffed at).

ilalounge said...

Yes me too. It's so disorienting and grounding at same time. And incredibly intense.

ilalounge said...

Same here. Never felt something like it. I don't if it's felt by him but in a,way it doesn't matter because I just know without external proof.

ilalounge said...

Omg this broke my heart. God bless you and may you find peace and love.


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