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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Hometown

I love this place. While somewhat crowded with over 7 million people crammed into 426 square miles, there are still lots of beautiful unspoilt places - after all three-quarters of that 426 square miles is actually parkland!

The city by day

The city by night

The nightly lightshow (for Steve) *Apart from the lasers, the buildings actually change colours and display moving light patterns

The old and the new

oh and the old and the new from my office window

Unspoiled beauty that few visitors get to see

*Not for swimming though, it has a treacherous undertow and people die there almost every year. I almost did!!

oh and we even have PINK dolphins!


Steve said...

It sure is pretty! I love seeing the skyline at night!

Fiona said...

I do too Steve - I love going up The Peak - the mountain overlooking the city, and watching day turn into night and the lights all coming on.

We have something quite unusual here, every night at 8pm, the skyscrapers take part in a light show...I'll see if I can find a pic and post it!

Miranda said...

Wow, nice pictures...I've never heard of pink dolphins before.

Fiona said...


In Hong Kong a population of approx. 120 indo - pacific humpback dolphins are struggling to survive in Hong Kong's harbour due to pollution, overfishing, excessive boat traffic and habitat loss. These dolphins are thought to be an unique sub-species of the chinese white dolphin , a member of the indo - pacific humpback dolphin family. They are known for their bright pink colour. These dolphins are also found in small populations off the coast of China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Hong Kong dolphinwatch has been working since 1995 to increase the publics awareness of these dolphins plight.

Steve said...

Thanks for the pic! That is beautiful! :)

Fiona said...

You're welcome Steve :)

I just watched some of it from my office window - that angular building (Bank of China designed by I.M. Pei) really does put on quite a show with lights flashing and travelling up each line.

Dayli said...

OH! It looks absolutely magnificent. I just *have* to come to Hong Kong sometime, somehow.

Have you always lived there?

DG said...

Impressive. I'm always in awe of the big city, and this is definately one.

LePhare said...

Love the pictures. Perhaps we should all publish pics from where we live. Unfortunately, our town has just been twinned with Beirut!


Sunny Delight said...

These are breathtaking, what a lovely city...as dayli said....another place on my HAVE to vist list! I always wondered if I could live in the city, but oh this one looks as if it would be one to choose...thank you for posting...and I was going to post my vacation pics, now....I dunno :)

Fiona said...

Anytime any of you would like to visit, I'll be your guide.

I was conceived here Dayli but born in Scotland when my parents moved back for a few years. We all came back when I was 2 but my older brother and younger sister were born here. For me it's home though, having lived here for all but 3 months in Germany in 1993/4 and 18 months in Tenerife from mid 1999 to early 2001.

I love that old and new picture....it almost looks as though the new buildings are from a black and white photo transposed onto this one....but it's the actual photo, the lovely warm hues of the older buildings contrast so wonderfully with the colder steel and glass of the new skyscrapers.

The two older buildings are:

The one with the dome is our old law court building, now the seat of our 'government', the Legislative Council. The other taller square one is the precursor to the very angular building on the left - both are Bank of China.

Fiona said...

lephare, thank you for visiting and posting....good idea, would love to see more of Cornwall!

LePhare said...

Will get 'clicking' and post some on Lighthouse.
Thanks for your visits.


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