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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Although I'm More of a Small 'g' Person

Dear God

I asked for a million dollars
a career, a reputation
a marriage
a fine house by the sea

And you gave me restless feet
a life of wandering
the infinite path of myself

I asked to see the rest of the road
and you said watch your feet

I asked for a guru
you gave me a blood-red rose

I asked for freedom
you took away everything I had

I asked for a savior
you said listen to the drumming
in your heart

I asked for a sign
you said here’s a cliff
step off it

I asked for the answer to the mystery
you said sorry, start again

I asked to stop asking
you gave me another question

I asked to be a great spiritual leader
revered by the masses
and you pushed me down in the street
on my face
in front of everybody

I asked for enlightenment
and you rubbed my face in the dark
until I could see nothing
but light

I ask for a new coat
and you give me the wind

I ask to be wise
and you show me
my empty heart

I ask to be loving
and you show me the wall
around my soul
I ask to put an end to suffering
you show me the demon in the mirror

I tell you
I’m in a hurry
and ask where the hell do I
catch the next train
you give me a lizard
sunning its back

I ask for an ordinary life
and you give me the universe

~ Lisa Garrigues ~


Sunny Delight said...

We are all constantly asking for something, what we recieve often seems unsatisfactory, but eventually if we are lucky we realize that what we received is what we needed. Even though we were screaming "I didn't fing ask for this!"

Fiona said...

True, so true! Sometimes it's a long long time until we realise what we got is just what we need.

Growth comes in so many forms and via so many channels.

Steve said...

I like this alot...

now, that is how one handles desire...
true... but then what?

it is just me, I know,
but I want to drive...

Miranda said...

I like this....goes to show that sometimes wanting is not the same as having.

Fiona said...

My dad used to say to me as a child - to teach me manners - if I said I wanted something:

"I want, never gets"

Little did I know then that his teaching me to say 'please' actually held a statement so very true:

"I want, never gets"

MotorChris said...

Some say be careful of what you pray for..... I've learned to open my eyes, mind and heart....they're always answered... It's only I, that lives the illusion of what I am really asking for.


Motorcycle Chris

Lisa Gale Garrigues said...

Hello Fiona,

What a pleasure it was to find my poem "Dear God" on your website. I am happy that my words have stirred something in you and your friends--that's what poetry is all about.


Lisa Gale Garrigues

l.d.guinchard said...

One might ask a question & pursue the answer;
or in respect of another, ask permission.

One might ask, What did you expect?


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