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Monday, August 14, 2006


Yes I am. Totally!

At the end of last week there was a blogger system upgrade or something. After it was done, it had thrown my formatting out so that everything previously in the sidebar ended up at the bottom of the sidebar instead of being parallel to the first post.

So I dutifully (and bravely let me assure you) tried to fix it but couldn't find the problem. So I figured OK reload again. I did and it's the same. So I changed the template. And again there it is at the bottom.

I tried some other templates and they seemed ok...but I just didn't like any of them so I'm going to leave this one in the hope that someone can advise me. I realise it's probably some small but significant bit of coding in there somewhere (trust me I only cut and paste my links and sitemeter).

Anyone out there able to help a very techie-challenged blogger?

Thankee in advance.

NOTE: Thank you Sunny! The damn thing was annoying me so much I've used another template that looks OK on my browser. It's a little on the GREEN GREEN side but I felt unbalanced as it was!

ANOTHER NOTE: I've added a link to get Daily OM Inspirational Thoughts - try it please, they are lovely!


Sunny Delight said...

darlin' I see your links on the side :)... the only thing at the bottom I can see is your site meter....what do you use as a ...damn...what are they called?...for the life of me I can't remember(damn my memory!)...anyway I use firefox...many use internet explorer...and things do sometimes load differently between the two... because internet explorer is what is on my work computer..so this I know.

Kudos, many many kudos to you for bravely going where you did not want to go...and tinkering away to fix it!


Fiona said...

BUSTYGURLZRULE!!! I've missed ya woman.

oooohhhh maybe it is my BROWSER ;)that is at issue here...hmmm it's odd that there's this huge break between my 'about' heading and what's supposed to be under it...you have to go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down to see what should be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up there!

And thank you for the kudos, my heart was in my throat for a moment there and I even managed to put back my links (huge grin)...sometimes I just need that little push...and sometimes a damn great shove.

Good to see you back...oh I think I already said that?



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