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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Dreaded Chili Prawn

These should come with a warning. Especially when consumed at 11pm on an empty stomach. I should have had lunch. I shouldn't have reached for my delivery book (yes, there's so much food delivery that the listings are in books) when I got home late and hungry.

But all I found in my fridge was three fuji apples. And this was not the kind of raging, gnawing hunger that any fuji would calm.

It's too damn easy in this town to get chili prawns delivered hot to your door at 11 o'clock at night. And they are way too good to resist even when I should have known better. Today I will eat lunch no matter how crazy my day turns out.

But right now I'm suffering from the revenge of the dreaded chili prawn and my tummy is in knots. I've had a couple of glasses of soya milk and I am hoping that will help. That and a handful of Maalox. Or two.

Update: Lunch today, California Rolls


Sunny Delight said...

I am so hungry! That looks to good to be dreaded! I so adore shrimp! Feel better darlin' *hugs*

Fiona said...

Looks at the time. Do not order the chili prawns *L*

Maalox is my friend today.

Thakee for the hugs, I'll take em and return em :)

Steve said...

Awwww... your poor tummy!!!!

I have never had that, but it does look good! But I hear your warning: just don't eat it on an empty stomach!

Fiona said...

Thank you Steve, the Maalox is working wonders ... hell I'm even thinking about lunch!!

It was VERY good and they were still with shells on which I like, because I eat the shells *L*

I think it was a bit of a shock to my poor tummy.

Miranda said...

Aww...thats not a good thing, I'll send you some Divol. Personally, Im not a fan of seafood, so I'd just say eewwww see thats why you dont eat it. lol

Anonymous said...

ugh... hope you're feelin better.
Those california rolls sure do look nice enough to fix any tummy issues.

It's now 11:30 PM in Israel, and your post just made me hungry...:-)

freebird said...

...just YUMMMMMMMMM! (slurp)
Hope tum's better now.

chele said...

Oh wow..now im hungry too! I made home made veggie soup..mm mmm!

You know I miss you and you just left. Hurry home ok!

Fiona said...

Hahahaha Miranda but I LOVE the underwater cockroach!!! The only seafood I don't like are the bi-valves, mussels, clams, and the like.

Dayli, I do hope you didn't give in like I did and end up with a belly-ache for two days - of course I think it was because I eat the shells too and those things just don't get digested!!

I do love my chili Freebird...and when combined with garlic and ginger and slathered around some good ole meaty prawns....YUMMMMY

Chele - home-made veggie soup is sooooooooo good...I haven't made any for TOO long, I shall do that when I get back. By the way I'm still here....for another 24 hours *L*


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