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Monday, September 25, 2006

Priorities ... Last-Minute Things ... and Minges

I'm down to 24 hours now and my last day at work. I see a big pile here, however I am already in the 'gone' mood and just can't seem to get worked up about it. Plus I work so well against very tight deadlines, so I can see myself chilling this morning and then working like a demon until 9 tonight!!

I'm about ready, purchased all the last-minute little bits n pieces, travel size toothpaste, travel size shampoo, travel size conditioner, extra-large sunscreen (that sounds like a protection garment when I put it like that!!), etc., etc., etc. I hate the baggage rules into and out of Europe and Asia, 20 kgs (44 lbs) total, while I can take two pieces into and out of the States and each of those can be up to 32kgs (50 lbs). IATA please explain yourself. And packing for two climates isn't going to be easy - tshirts and sweaters, flip-flops and boots. And it's not like sis and I can share, she's got a model's figure and I, well I haven't!

She's had a bad sinus infection so I asked if she's been to the doctor. I got this reply:

no time to go to the docs fion!!!.....i just hope it will clear.......am taking rhino blast at the mo which is pretty powerful but it aint shifting.......feel like me face is gonna explode........and so much to do......get me minge waxed.......load up on dog bikky.....get keys cut.....clean the flat and do loadsa washing.........ahhhhhhhh

As you can see, at the top of it is 'get me minge waxed'. Yes at the very top!! The woman has a serious sinus infection. Bad news for a) flying and b) as a professional diver she hasn't been able to work for a week thus depleting her holiday funds. But hey let's make sure the minge is waxed. She now says she'll try and get to the doctor before her 11am flight to London. Oh dear, she really does crack me up.

By the way my minge is travelling unwaxed.


Sunny Delight said...

Ohh my, somehow I lost track and thought you would be around a few more days....am soooo going to miss you!

My last minute orders are....go and have a wonderful, wonderful time! She will be fine, waxed minge and all,and perhaps if she screams during the waxing, it will open up her sinuses for the plane trip....


Fiona said...

Oh don't worry about missing me, I fully intend on keeping in touch - my trusty notebook and company-sponsored internet account are going with me *VBS* Ya can't get rid of me THAT easily!!

I hope she's fine, she's going to stop smoking (she says) and that really does please me most of all. If sponsoring her 20-hour flights is what it takes, it will be cheap at the price!!

Fun we will have, both intentional and unintentional!!!


jac said...

Have a safe, wonderful, restful, exciting and eye-opening journey!

DG said...

Make sure there is room for the hula girl in your luggage on the way back!

LePhare said...

'Au naturel' it's the only way to travel. Have a grrrreat time and don't forget the pics.


Fiona said...

Thank you JAC!!! and good to see you here.

DG don't worry one hula girl and one scottish lass...still on my list *L*

Ian, I'm a natural kinda gal *w*

Steve said...

Ah, whats a "minge"? ;)

Enjoy, Fiona!!!!
I hope your sis feels better!
Definitely, let us know how you are doing!
I envy you a little; happy for you a lot!!!!!

Fiona said...

oh yeah steve right like you don:t know what a minge is....oh lord this keyboard is going to drive me crazy i:ll show you what it looks like when i get to hawaii i daren:t cap or much coz it goes into japanese when i do and then i have to reload and start again

steve all i:m saying is that it:s naturally hairy and when waxed it becomes non-hairy you nut

thank you for the good wishes i:m sure we:ll have a blast i just hope i keep out of trouble with that one lol

chele said...

Oh my! I didnt know what that word meant either the first time I heard it. An english guy used to day it a lot so I finally said..what are you going on about..Boy was I embarrassed hehe

Got your mail and yeah I was a day behind! Can't wait to hear about paradise!


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