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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Konnichiha from Tokyo

If I break into Japanese it`s because this damn keyboard has some hidden keys I tell you!!! Like the apostrophe is hidden somewhere and i`m having to use that reverse one.

Just waiting to board another plane like the one in the pic. Bless Yahoo for providing free unlimited internet access even though everything is in Japanese and there is nowhere to turn it into English so all the instructions even here on blogger are in Japanese, thank goodness I remember where everything is.

Beautiful departure from Hong Kong, the weather was lovely and we took the route right over the city, I waved to the office and passed over the apartment. Stupid me though didn`t take her camera out of her ONE handcarry item but I shall for the approach into Hawaii. Here it`s awful, grey wet, yukky. Am glad I`m only passing through!!!

Whiled away the four hours on the plane by watching two movies...or rather one and almost three-quarters of a movie...now I have to find Basic Instincts 2 to watch the final 20 mins. Actually upon reflection I may not bother.....dear oh dear Sharon you should have opted out of the sequel darling!! RV did have some very funny parts. I think I was annoying the person next to me with my chuckles and guffaws.

Soon onto another plane for 7-plus hours, I have a book, no doubt more movies and maybe a sleep. This time zone thing is too weird. I actually will arrive there before I left Hong Kong, basically I get to do my Tuesday twice. Once in the air and at airports, then once in paradise. Guess which one I really am looking forward to.

I think I might go and write some postcards and see if I can find a mailbox. But if you get them from Hawaii you`ll know why.

So now it`s .... sayonara from Tokyo. Next post will be aloha from Hawaii.

P.S. I didn`t mistype "konnichiwa", when you write it, it is konnichiHa. I learned that today.


Now THIS is what I'm tawkin bout:


Zibi said...

Hi Fiona .. I think I need a vacation more now than ever and oooooohh how I envy you. I do hope you having a great time ... Don't forget to send me some pics. BTW, thanks for checking up on me... lotsa luv

DG said...

At least you know that Aloha is both hello and goodbye in Hawaiin. Cuddle up to the book.

LePhare2 said...

Nothing less than a pic in a grass skirt.....you promised.

Sunny Delight said...

but you were off and you did it even with it in Japanese....well done! RV was good, and from the voice of experience....it can sooo be like that...Aloha darlin'

and don't forget the grass skirt for thalian...with maybe a little clingy thing attached here and there ;)


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