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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So my sister says to me....

"k den yo sistah we gonna grind and talk story and lesgo get us some mo bettah mokes and brok da mout grinds - don't you be giving me dat stink eye - ass right"

Meaning...ok Fiona, we'll eat and chat and let us go and find some better large local tough guys and eat delicious food - don't you look at me with a mean look - that's right.

I kid you not, a moke is a 'large local tough guy'. If nothing else, I'm sure she'll sweet talk some mokes into having their picture taken with us.

People...save me from my sister, she's already talking in the local lingo!!!! And she not only wants an aloha shirt, she wants the grass skirt and coconut shells too!!!!

OK anyone wanting a postcard from Hawaii and Scotland, email me your postal address.


Zibi said...

Hey Fiona ... You'd better send me some pics...okay?

Fiona said...

You got it Zibi - are you wanting to see the mokes or my sis and I or just the wahines in general ;)

Where shall I send them?

Miranda said...

Aloha - Lol you do the lingo well. You should post some pics when you get back.

Sunny Delight said...

Your sis sounds hysterically funny, I just know you are going to have a wonderful time!

I want pictures of the "mo bettah mokes" !

LePhare said...

Pictures please......in a grass skirt......or clingfilm!

Fiona said...

Miranda my notebook is coming with me so internet gods willing I'll try and post while we are there!

Oh god Sunny you have no idea...she's an absolute cracker and loves to have a grand ole time *L*. Writes in my holiday notebook - mokes for Sunny.

LePhare....YOU are the clingfilm man, and I do promise you a pic of her if she does get into that grass skirt!!

Steve said...


That is so funny!
and cute! :)

I will have to send you my postal address too!

chele said...

hehe your going to have a blast! I'm so glad the two of you are going to do this. Make sure I get a pic of the aloha tourist shirts with you BOTH in them! Have one of those frozen fruity drinks with the lil brellies for me please!

Fiona said...

Chele, you're on my postcard list, as always...and is there anything you'd like from Scotland...except for more hairy coo toffee? *L*

chele said...

Oh girl that hairy coo toffee was the bomb lmao! Can you stuff the castle into your pocket for me? Cause you know I want to hang out that top window and let my red hair blow in the breeze! You have fun and remember that one day..I'm going there with you!(in body not just spirit)

Fiona said...

Please excuse chele while she does her rapunzel thing at Edinburgh Castle!!! *L*

Hairy coo toffee it is!!!

And we will go there one day...you betcha!!!


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