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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Comfortable In You"

Interpersonal interactions become a joy rather than something to be feared when we are willing to be ourselves, gladly allowing others to see us for who we truly are. Self-consciousness is often the result of our attempts to play roles that require us to deny the very qualities that define our individuality -- we get mired in dread, concerned that others will reject us when they discover the truth that is us.

When we accept that we are unique and are comfortable with ourselves, we no longer feel compelled to hide all or part of ourselves to please others. In opening ourselves to others in this way, we can revel in the pure pleasure of relating to people comfortably and honestly without trepidation.

This is part of a recent Daily Om Inspiration. I like it. I'm very much 'me' everywhere. Day-to-day life, work life, blogging. Very much a WYSIWYG person. When roleplaying was introduced to the chatsite I used to frequent, I fell out with them because I found amusement in the lengths to which they assumed their roles in the Gor environment. I remarked that when they 'spoke' it reminded me of Jodie Foster as Nell with her 'chicopee'. But maybe I just don't have enough imagination?

I'm not 100 percent comfortable with my body - well after all who is? - as I've put it through a lot. But I'm pretty much there in my comfort level with who I am, having survived some very rigorous rocking of my boat (and not in a good way!).

I'm not one for masks or embellishment, or even smoke and mirrors. I like the plain view. And I like it in others too.

Aaaaah - what a lovely and perfectly timed update, from my Om Horoscope, just in:

If you spend time cultivating positive qualities like honesty, friendliness, and helpfulness within yourself, people in the various spheres of your life will likely hone in on the beauty inside your soul. You can create an aura of lasting loveliness around yourself today by simply striving to be the best person you can be at all times.

The beauty we cultivate within is the foundation of the exquisiteness others see when they look at us because inner loveliness is a powerful force. Regardless of the appearance we project outwardly, it is our inner selves that attract people and inspire tender emotions to manifest themselves in their hearts. When we focus on what lies within rather than what is on the outside, we demonstrate our understanding of the subtle forces that draw individuals toward one another.

The love we crave comes willingly into our lives, attracted by our compassion, sincerity, and insightfulness. We needn’t ever conform to others’ standards of beauty when we strive to achieve inner charisma. You’ll feel profoundly attractive today because you have taken the time to lovingly and meticulously groom your soul.

"Because you have taken the time to lovingly and meticulously groom your soul".... how beautiful!!


freebird said...

Lovely post, Fi. I wish I could be allowed to be just me. I think, for a lot of people, that's harder than it sounds. I, for one, seem to have spent a lot of my life being who people expect me to be and I'm very embarrassed to admit that. Some of us even feel obliged to be a different person depending on who we are dealing with - but surely we all have to do that to a certain extent. The sad thing is that actually, I think I'm a much more interesting person than the various people I try to be to keep everybody else happy!

Fiona said...

Don't ever be embarrassed about who you are FB. It's true that we do have to 'mold' ourselves into the moment very often - I mean here I am a very non-corporate person in a corporate world. There are days my jaw aches from keeping my mouth shut!!!

Keeping others happy is such hard work and we sometimes forget that really, our happiness is important.


jac said...

It is your "compassion, sincerity, and insightfulness & ... inner charisma," that keep me visiting your blog. It is SO apparent in your writing, and in your comments elsewhere. There is also the fact that you seem so REAL and full of life (joy despite life's hard knocks). Thanks for sharing yourself with the world.

Fiona said...

jac!!!!! How wonderful to see you again :)

And thank you, I swear I blushed.

Someone once said to me, that we hold a mirror up and our good qualities are a reflection of those who come into our lives and bring those qualities to share.

Thank you for sharing all of that and more, with me.


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