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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm by nature, a redhead (on the lighter end of the spectrum). And yes I can prove it!!

My hairdresser likes to, as he puts it, 'brighten it up a bit'. Meaning he is dealing with the grey bits and puts three different highlights through it. During my holiday in Hawaii, I was out in the sun a bit and yes, I was very careful. I applied and re-applied my SPF30 on the bits that weren't covered (not many, I can assure you). But I never thought about wearing a hat and in not doing so, I've become a little bit blonde. Only in the colour of my locks.

Now I'm considering trying out how a brunette (on the red end of that spectrum) feels. I'm a bit worried though, that going darker will only serve to draw attention to my thinning pate!!! And I'm not sure how I'll feel about having mismatched carpet and curtains. Or how it will look when it grows out.

Maybe I should just buy a wig and try it out for a while.


freebird said...

"Mismatched carpet and curtains" - he-he, love it! Really my dear, co-ordination is everything!
But sometimes a change is just what we need to give us a lift. I'm sure your hairdresser could 'brighten up' any minor errors of judgment if necessary ;-)

Fiona said...

FB - do you mean dye my muff fluff too?? LOL

Miranda said...

Step outside the box, worst case scenario remember it can always get fixed. Im sure if you go brunette, but not too dark it will look just fine.

DG said...

LOL "Carpet and Curtains"...

Hey what man wouldn't want "The red carpet" treatment. (oh, did I say that).

Well, I'm partial to red, so you know my vote!

chele said...

Well from one redhead to another there are many shades of red. I change mine every so often myself. I have grey galore at 36 lol so I need to cover it! I think a deep auburn with some lighter highlights would be lovely! I am considering getting some blonde highlights in mine for the winter just to brighten me up some!

LePhare2 said...

Fi, go for it, then post a pic of carpet and curtains so we can judge. I promise to give an honest opinion....... honest!

Fiona said...

It's oh so tempting Miranda :)

ummm DG the red carpet isn't on the list of items to be dyed so no worries there.

OK chele you go blonder I'll go browner, at heart we're still redheads ;)

LMAO Ian, could this be tit for tat?? Next thing I know you'll be suggesting all sorts of kinky wraps for it!!


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