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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To Be Disappointed...And To Disappoint

There is someone I care for and not just a little, but a whole helluva lot. Someone who is good for me, and good to me. Someone I hope I'm also good for and I definitely try to be good to, though I will admit that I sometimes miss the mark. 'To boldly go', in the realm of relationships, is not that easy for me. I've been let down so many times.

It's a complicated situation but we want to meet. We will meet. We were planning it to be next month but I was disappointed in that work won't allow me time away. And in turn, because of this, I disappointed him.

The strength of him and I, is our ability to see beyond the disappointment. And I'll admit, he bolstered me before I could bolster him. We're disappointed and I'm the source of the disappointment, but we both see beyond. To the day we will finally touch and kiss. And I believe that day will be the perfect day, the right day for us to do that.

I can only think that next month just wasn't the right time, that there was a reason for the disappointment. And he insists I could never be the source of any disappointment for him. In that very statement he does more for me than any other man has ever done, for he believes in me.

I want to live up to that expectation because he's very special. I hope that all my past disappointments have taught me how to not disappoint.


freebird said...

Oh how deflating disappointment can be! But you still have something to look forward to. Enjoy the anticipation, and know that because of your strength it will be worth the wait.

Sunny Delight said...

"The strength of him and I, is our ability to see beyond the disappointment." You will get there and it will be all the better for the wait, the anticipation...and darling woman you cannot disapoint...impossible as long as you are you...never ever forget that.

BBGR Hugs!

Emily said...

Well, if there is one sure thing about relationships, it is that you will disappoint each other at some point!

But hopefully this particular disappointment is a minor blip in a very happy, joyful picture... I am very happy to hear that you have someone.

Fiona said...

Gals...thank you for your comments and support!!

Yes, disappointment in some shape or form is, I suppose, always inevitable...I just want to make sure I do my very best by him!

BBGR hugs for you too Sunny!!

Sunny Delight said...

You will, you will, and he had better do the same for you...or he will have one angry sunny d on his back!!!! more BBGR HUGS!

Fiona said...

Oh Sunny...he's the best!

He's caring, patient, loving, patient, intelligent, patient, funny, patient, understanding, patient, thoughtful, patient....did I mention he's patient?

He is....and so much more *VBS*

He grounds me when I need it and keeps me positive when things seem tough.

Big big smile

Steve said...

Maybe he was disappointed that things couldn't work out as both of you planned... but I don't think that you could ever disappoint him.

DG said...

I think he's right. It will happen Fi.

chele said...

I'm with Steve on this one. I dont think you could ever disappoint him. Unless he isnt the man I think he is *grin*

Fiona said...

Steve, DG and chele....your kind thoughts mean a lot to me...thank you! I'm keeping 'up' about it all, and am sure he is too *VBS*

Sally said...

I'm in a similar situation. I have to tell you that the wait has only increased to anticipation and the want (never a bad thing).

When it's right for both of you, you'll meet. And I can't wait to read that post!!!!



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