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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Day Out With Rhona

We caught the local bus and travelled to the North Shore to spend the day, in the hope of checking out throngs of surfer dudes, only to find the beaches relatively deserted:

So Rhona quickly jumped into the frame to make the beach look a bit busier:

before taking the plunge (and wishing she'd brought her boogie board along):

But seemed pretty pleased with herself anyway:

Of course we weren't totally disappointed and this surfer dude kept us entertained a while:

Afterwards we went in search of food and drink and investigated the local delicacies:

only to settle for a while....here:

which of course required some sustenance more substantial than fruit and tequila concoctions:

We just caught the last bus back to Waikiki that evening...and she still wanted to hit the strip!!! That will be for another post.


Miranda said...

Great pics! I envy you, it looks like a blast.

LePhare said...

Wish I was there. The beach looks positively crowded. Take me with you next time.......please.

Fiona said...

It was a real blast Miranda...and most of my laughs came courtesy of my little sis !!!

Ian....I'll get Rhona to pick you up on the way!! We haven't decided where to go next year, any suggestions?

chele said...

My house! *sniffs*

Fiona said...

hahahhahahah Chele *hands you a tissue*.....Rhona would be close by as she has to go through London to do any travelling....not that far from Ian!!!!

I'll send the limo for you!!!!!!!!!

Zibi said...

Nice pice there Fiona ... Hope you okay..


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