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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mooncakes and Jet Lag

As per Wikipedia: Mooncake 月餅 is a Chinese confection that is traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival, although they can be eaten at other times of the year as well. Typical mooncakes are either round or rectangular puck-shaped pastries, measuring about 10 cm in diameter and 4-5 cm thick. They have a relatively thin crust (2-3 mm), which surrounds a thick pasty filling and may contain yolks from salted duck eggs. Mooncakes are typically rich, heavy, and dense compared with most Western cakes and pastries. It is usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by Chinese tea.

While I was away, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival here. Part of that is the consumption of vast numbers of mooncakes. I have something of a penchant for these delectable little pieces of scrumptiousness (yes, I know that's not a real word, but it should be!!). So, I asked that someone get me one as they have a very short shelf-life and once the festival is over, so is the supply of mooncakes.

I arrived back to not one mooncake! Nope, not one.... but SIX full-size and two minis. I personally am not keen on the eggs and tend to dig them out, but it doesn't do much on the calorie front as the egg's role is really to be a relief from heavy sweet lotus paste. "Usually eaten in small wedges"? A small wedge would never be enough for me. But I need to remember that one mooncake has reportedly close to 1,000 calories in it.

So I'll be sure to drink lots of Chinese tea!!

Apart from that I'm totally wiped out with jet-lag, too many time-zones in too few days. But I shall revive myself and get to work sorting out my pics into those that are not too blurry or dark (Rhona had major problems with her camera, it's a new one and she's not worked out the flash rules and so on).

I've a few tales to tell, memories to recount, snippets of my last two weeks to write about. And some affairs of the heart, too.


chele said...

That looks kinda neat. I dunno about the eggs either yuck!

Glad your home and yes we will "blather" soon. I missed my best friend lots!

Rhonnnnaaaa read the directions LOL

Steve said...

My gosh! THAT many mooncakes!!! LOL!!! I have never eaten one before!

DG said...

Well welocome, Moon cake babe! You were missed.

Fiona said...

hahahhaha Chele I'll send you one in your box...no obligations to eat it!!!! It will complement the hairy coo toffee and scottish tea nicely.

Steve if you're not careful you'll get one too!!!!

aaawww DG thankee that's sweet of you to say :)

LePhare2 said...

Mooncakes. They look yummy. Do they come wrapped in cling film?


Fiona said...

Cling film is so very versatile....you can pretty much wrap anything in them ;)

Sunny Delight said...

it does look yummy, wondering do they freeze well....then able to savor in small doses?

Can't wait to hear/read your tales...all of them

Welcome home BBGR hugs!

Fiona said...

Sunny.....I'm now officially sick of them again. I do this to myself every year...and I've put on a good 4 pounds *L* Pats belly.

Humungous hugs!!


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