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Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's 5am and I haven't slept. Which makes a grand total of six hours' sleep over the past three days (two hours on the plane, four last night, zero tonight).

Jet lag - worst I've ever had, not sure if I'm Arthur or Martha

Angst - some things said by my mother

Heartache - if loving him is wrong, I don't want to be right

Starbucks - I have to wait until 7am but they are going to chalk up a venti soy latte with, well I think I might have to make it an eight-shot

I feel numb and no it wasn't mass consumption of mooncakes, I had only a half of one and it was a three-yolker so it didn't leave much room for the lotus paste!


Me to Starbucks barista: Good morning, one venti skim latte (decided against soy) with four extra shots, extra hot and no foam please.

Silence...I smile at her

Starbucks barista to me: Four extra shots?

Me: Yes, please

Barista: One two three four?

Me: Yes, one two three four

Barista: In one venti latte

Me: Yes, thank you

Barista: Wow I've never made it like that before, that's really strong, it already has three shots

Me: I might be back in an hour for another one

Barista: (Wide-eyed and with a smile appearing)...I can give you a bag of beans to chew on

Me: I'll take one to go!!

I love a sense of humour in the morning!!!!!!


Steve said...


my gosh!

Get to sleep woman!!! LOL!!!

Fiona said...

Too late!!!! Time to get ready for work and bang on Starbucks' door to get my latte....and don't you by shushing me now ;)

Emily said...

Hmmm... mooncake... yummy!

I used to be a tutor in a college with lots of Asian students. Mooncake time was one of my favourite times of the year!

Fiona said...

Emily ... hi!! At last, a fellow mooncake aficionado :)

LePhare said...

Hi Fiona. You sound frazzled, so take it easy and catch your breath.
Thanks for dropping in on me. I've missed you.

Very Best Wishes.

Fiona said...

Frazzled would be an understatement....I think I just realised how effective sleep deprivation is when used to elicit information...I'd say anything right now :)

DG said...

ROFL that's too funny

Sally said...

Ah, the talk of caffeine, that makes my nipples hard ;)

Fiona said...

LMAO Sally - you're in good company here!!!


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