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Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Promise is a Promise

Ian - may I present one Scottish grass-skirt-and-coconut-shell-clad lassie for your viewing pleasure.

Please excuse the white knickers, not part of the standard outfit but then looking at the sparse skirt perhaps a blessing she still had them on!! Or maybe not!!

And I'll have you know this cost me a bottle of dry white hastily consumed in the room - glass still in hand in the first pic.... and looking decidedly non-hulaish in that one!!


Zibi said...

lovely pics

Miranda said...

Aloha!!! Great pics.

Steve said...


That is awesome of her to do that!!! Even with the "liquid en-courage -ment"!!! *VBS*

DG said...

ROFL And where is you compromising picture?

LePhare2 said...

O.M.G! It makes my H.N.T look positively ameturish...... and only one bottle of wine? I see someone keeps their promise so I'd better do the same..... next week.

Hope you've caught up with yourself.

Best Wishes. Ian.

LePhare2 said...

We must be on line about the same time. I get back to my blog after half an hour and you've been and gone!

I see all this globe trotting has not changed you......thankfully.

Fiona said...

I decided not that long ago Ian, that any changes to me would be for the better. And I aim to keep that up :)

I'm rambling around my mornings while I multi-task with emails, etc. - I'm an early morning starter at work, usually here by 7am or 715am latest. Waving.....helllllooooooo!!

Fiona said...

My sister would take a bow *L*

ummm DG they don't make coconuts my size....she did make me try them on and there is one pic in existance which will NEVER be seen anywhere.....suffice to say they were more nipple caps than cup holders LOL

Ian - you are brave!!!! and yes, finally I feel human again

Zibi, Miranda & Steve - she had a blast, if you could only have heard her laughing!!!

DG said...

ROFL "Nipple Caps"... YEE HAAA

Sunny Delight said...

Lol Kudos to your sister for her willingness to oblige ....me thinks she deserves a peek at the "the cling film man of mystery" ~very big grin~

lol at nipplecaps!

Fiona said...

Trust me....there was waaaaaay too much boobage uncontained in those shells to EVER display that pic!!!

My sis is awesome....she befriended all the street artists too .... from homeboys to 'statues' to the basketball man!!!


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