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Friday, October 13, 2006

12 Hours and a Creased Face

I slept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh boy did I sleep. I managed to last until 4:45pm at work. Hell I even ran a medical insurance meeting and it was the strangest thing, almost like an out of body experience, I could hear myself as though it was someone else speaking!!! I don't remember too much about it, I just hope I haven't agreed to anything untoward.

I got home, immediately took a melatonin, got naked, turned on the air-con, crawled between the sheets and within 10 minutes I had crashed. And I woke up 12 hours later and I think I'd turned over only once during the night, if at all, because the right side of my face was all creased from my pillow. NOT an attractive look to go to work with.

But, I do actually feel human again. I am woman, hear me roar!!!


DG said...

LOL Melatonin. Ah yes... But a good hard sleep is something wonderful to come by.

Miranda said...

Nothing like a good sleep to get you roaring again.

Sunny Delight said...

You are an amazing woman! Got all the postcards finally! Love them, it feels so good to get snail mail I had forgotten how good...thanks love....and hoping you now feel refreshed and once again ready to take on the world!

Fiona said...

DG a good hard something else is wonderful to come by ;)

Gosh Miranda I was a zombie, I really was!!

Hahahahhaha Sunny I'm not amazing!!!! Aaaaaah glad they are all accounted for. I have little packages for some, including you, will try and get those out today or Monday.


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