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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

They All Said Yes

I sat at the table and asked questions of thee
I wasn't alone for with me were three
to my right sat my heart, tired and beaten, though with a will to fight
to my left was my soul, dazed and confused, lost in flight
across was my pride, strong and firm, and ready to go
pride jumped up and yelled "Let's get on with this show"

I asked "When he goes by how do you feel?"
Pride boasted "To me it's no big deal"
my heart smiled and stated "The way it's suppose to feel"
my soul flew high and said "As if he were free"

I asked "And when he is close enough for us to touch"
my heart leaped up and yelled "It's just too much"
my soul was off waltzing as if a great dancer
pride sat silent, she would give no answer

"And when in our arms and it's him we do hold?"
My soul sprang forth "The place I have searched for years untold"
my heart beat fast...fainted...and fell to the floor
pride just smirked, another question she would ignore

"And what would you ask him to give?"
Soul said "Nothing, he has already given me the will to live"
"Kindness and love" said my heart wearing an incredible grin
pride just mumbled "An occasional win"

I asked "And in return what would he receive"
my heart stood tall "If in me he would believe all the affection and love that I am able"
my soul answered "THIS" and threw herself across the table
then pride smiled and said "If he were by our side for him I would never be foolish and always step aside"

"One more question for all to reply and to this one nobody may lie"
"Is he our true love, you must now confess"
without hesitation, they all said "Yes"

~ written by a friend of mine ~


Steve said...

That is beautiful, Fiona...
so beautiful. :)

DG said...

I like this.

Sunny Delight said...

Wonderfully beautiful verse, if your three are all in final agreement ...enjoy this bounty you have within you.....*hugs*


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