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Monday, October 16, 2006

Charity Begins at Home

This is one of my bugbears.

I received in the mail, a lumpy envelope from World Children's Fund. Inside I found a letter, a donation form and....a very nicely constructed keychain with their logo. And a request that I make a donation "to help provide life-saving relief assistance".

I am returning the keychain to them in the postage-paid envelope provided, with a note advising them that I don't support charities which waste donations like this. To add insult to injury, there is even a little note on it postage-paid envelope: "Please help save money for the suffering children by affixing a stamp on this envelope".

I cannot abide charities that send 'gifts' to potential donors. The worst are those that send money and say "these coins could provide food for a child for a day". I always send it back and say....bloody well use it for that then!!!

Don't get me wrong, I support several charities, just not those that do this.



Miranda said...

There is nothing wrong with not supporting charities like that. One can only afford to donate to so many. ANd the ones that send you stuff, and expect payment are pretty presumptuous. Kind of like the Unicef ones that send out xmas cards.

chele said...

Nothing angers me more than to get something like that in the mail. You know that NO one donated the item they sent you for free, they had to pay for it! Why not use that for the donation they are asking you for! Ugh..i hear you Fi..its wrong!

LePhare said...

We recently sent a donation to a Hospice that took care of our brother-in-law in his last day, rather than sending flowers that would be thrown away.

We received a thank you letter, along with a standing order form. A couple of week later we had draw tickets for their Christmas Fayre and yesterday an offer to 'light a candle for Christmas' for you departed loved one.

It's all a bit much. I just hope they are not chasing my sister-in-law in the same way.

Fiona said...

Oh yes, I'd forgotten that Unicef do that Miranda....puts me right off.

Exactly Chele, talk about wasting money that should go somewhere else...I undertand that administration and so on takes something from my donation but when they want to use it to manufacture give-aways, that's crossing the line.

Ian...that's awful, really awful, capitalising on a loss like that....blech, just blech!!!!


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