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Friday, November 10, 2006


On my flight last Friday, there was a woman sitting on the plane one row back and over to my left. She sneezed and hacked her way across the Pacific and damn her I think she infected me.

I felt a little congested while I was away but on Monday morning as I began my journey home, it started in earnest. I knocked myself out with cold/flu tabs on the 14-hour plane ride (headwinds added 3 hours onto the journey westwards), which in itself was a good thing as I hadn't slept while travelling eastwards, so at least I arrived home without feeling too jet-lagged.

I went to work on Wednesday and managed to crawl through the day but yesterday, it took me down and it took me down hard. I called in to work to say I'd try to get there in the afternoon but Nooj threatened to lock the doors if I even attempted it. Trust me, I'm not a wuss and I don't do the 'I'll just stay home in bed' routine easily. But anyway, I DID stay home in bed, medicated myself, went through almost a whole box of tissues and generally slept and lazed. Thank goodness for bootleg dvds!

Back at work today and while the congestion is definitely better, it has moved down my throat into my breathing tubes.....ouch ouch ouch. I'm dosing myself now with Pei Pa Koa syrup which is the best thing in the world.

If you ever see this on a shelf somewhere, grab a bottle. Mix some in with hot water and drink it down and you will feel it working right away. An all-natural remedy containing 15 herbs and man it tastes SO GOOD!!

But you know, not even feeling ill can dampen the joy, the delight, the magnificence of being loved by the most amazing man I've ever known.


freebird said...

Well thank goodness it didn't get you til the journey home. Keep taking the syrup (sounds good, wish I'd had some last week) but I'm sure that warm inner glow will help you recover soon anyway ;-) xxx

Miranda said...

awww, that sucks. Take care of yourself. *smiles big* love can help alot of things.

LePhare2 said...

I think you might need your chest rubbing with Vic. His phone number is 555-01726 ;-)

chele said...

Oh that stuff is awesome! Fi sent me some and it really works..Hope you feel better soon and again very happy to finally see you happy!

~TVS said...

Feel better sooner!

Fiona said...

Thank you all!!! I'm breathing a lot easier after the weekend and the cough has subsided a little.

Ian - I called but Vic wasn't there :(

Zibi said...

Gald you feeling better


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