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Thursday, December 28, 2006

75 ÷ 2

= 37.50, which is how many minutes of sleep I've had over the past two nights. And that is a manipulation of numbers as in reality, I had 75 minutes on Tuesday night and 0 minutes last night.

I'm feeling just a tad worse for wear today, I hit the wall at 4pm today, forcing me to ingest some pretty high doses of caffeine. It's working though, I can feel my eyes opening again.

I think it's so many things:

1. Too many naps during the four-day break.

2. Too many DVDs to catch up on and watching them into the wee hours, knowing I could sleep during the other hours.

3. The blogland insomnia that seems to be taking hold.

4. The prospect of spending time with my love on the phone, but with the 13-hour time difference, his afternoon equals my early morning!

5. The excitement of another trip to be with my wonderful man, just over a week away.

And I have a wedding reception to go to this evening. I've to be there at 9pm and I think at this rate they won't be seeing that much of me. So I have to go home after work, shower, tartify myself, put on my happy wide-awake face, traipse off to a hotel ballroom, rub shoulders with the creme de la creme of Sindhi society here, wish the happy couple joy and good fortune and so on.

It's Anuja's brother-in-law who's tying the knot and I think I'll know about 6 people there (out of about 500!). Should make the mingling interesting! (Note to self, take business cards - yes, that's a requirement here even at such social events.)

This is my gift:- and no, it's not for the bedroom!!

While it may look like something that escaped from War of the Worlds, it's actually a 'classic' of postmodern product design of the 1990s. A Philippe Starck design for the Alessi production house. Oh and it's a kitchen utensil.

Actually, now that I think about it in the bedroom....hmmmmm. Oh my goodness it's the sleep deprivation, I swear it is!!!

Updated Friday : I slept last night, for five whole hours. A deep, deep sleep and I feel so much better today!!


chele said...

I need to sleep too..I think its too much on my mind and when I lay down I cant stop thinking! There must be a trick to it huh Fi lol

Steve said...


That is such a cool looking gift!!! I bet it makes them smile to open that!!!

My gawd, I am so glad that you are getting more sleep, now, Fi!!! You need to have more sleep dear...

Sunny Delight said...

Are you sure that isn't for the bedroom? *W* Great gift darlin' And GET MORE SLEEP!


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