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Friday, December 29, 2006

Can You See It?

Last November, while visiting with my mother, I took some pics of us all.

First of all, perhaps I should mention that four people have independently heard similar noises in the same part of the house, the part where I took this picture. If you look above Rhona's head, over to the right near the top of the picture, you'll see a yellow box, and an enlargement of the box.

I took several pictures one after the other around the room, but this is the only one where the 'orb' appears. And it's not a reflection of anything as it's over a beam and there's no bending of the image around the angle.

What do you see?


chele said...


Gillette said...

Kewl...reminds me of when I was in New Orleans and went on a few tours with this Witchy Voodoo Priestess Woman named Bloody Mary (http://www.bloodymarystours.com/tours.html and is great at tours, by the way).

So one of the tours was in a cemetary (where I spend most my time in New Orleans) at night. We took lots of pics and had lots of those orbs. It was so very cool. She had tons of ghost pics, some even with faces. Just happy that my only experience with these "whatevers" is in pictures....hehehhee....

Emily said...


LePhare said...

Looks like a female face in a circle, but it's more likely to be lens flair.

Sunny Delight said...

Ian would be sensible. Can you see it with the naked eye?


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