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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back to the Food

It has been a while since I mentioned food and I'm sure Ian has been taking note of my abstention in that area.

Someone, who shall remain nameless, raising an eyebrow over at you-know-who-you-are, said to me recently that I seem to eat some very strange things. So I just wanted to placate him, and any others who may think that of me, with a picture of a recent dinner:

Quesadillos with pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream, accompanied by a side order of refried beans.

It was good, I'll admit, but next time I'm quadrupling up on the pico de gallo because I love me some chili and that tiny little helping was gone after consuming only one of the four quesadillos.

As you can see it was delivered to my door by Cuisine Couriers, one of over a dozen delivery firms who collect orders from over 300 restaurants and bring it right to your door for the cost of ten percent of the order price. Aaaaaaaah what shall I have tonight?

So you see, it's not all duck tongues and chicken feet and dried fish skin and honeycomb beef (tripe) and other incredibly good eats. The width of my palate is closely associated to the width of my hips.


Sally said...

I love mexican!

Fiona said...

Me too Sally....except those damn refried beans make me somewhat 'windy'!!!!

We have a dearth of mexican restaurants here, probably only about four of them. It just doesn't seem to have taken off here.

Sunny Delight said...

mira delicioso! not sure that is the correct spanish, but is supposed to say looks delicious *VBS* and lol at windy!

anna said...

My current favourite food is tapas. Yummmmy. Does this company deliver from any local tapas restaurants?

Fiona said...

Sally....where are you? Your blog has gone or something? I'm getting 'not found' messages?

Sunny...mira indeed and i think that's right, in my very broken Canary Islands spanish I understook you. Si, muy delicioso y muy picante!!!

Fiona said...

Anna...mmmmm tapas.....I think there is one tapas restaurant.

I love tapas, I call them Spanish dim sum!!

Aaaaaaaah memories of Canarian coffee shops/bars (coffee is as important as the alcohol there) serving up home cooked tapas, all the old men with their tumblers of home made wine (god that stuff could strip walls *L*) or 'cortado'...and little plates of tapas.

anna said...

You're killing me, Fiona! I so desperately want to go back to Spain. *deep sigh*

Sally-Sal said...

Here I am :)


I had to change it up (personal reasons)


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