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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happiness is:

* Bringing in the New Year (his) with the man I love, on the phone and webcam

* Looking forward to another trip this coming weekend

* Knowing how it feels to be loved by a good man, who means what he says

* Believing in the potential of loving someone and being loved equally back

* A brand new year with limitless possibilities ahead

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and that your 365 days of 2007 are filled with health and happiness, joy and love.

Mine is off to an absolutely wonderful start! I feel blessed.


Sunny Delight said...

Happy New Year bodacious one!

sophie n said...

i love your definition of happiness...true and definite; i am so happy to hear that the year has begun with a great start!

Happy New Year!!

anna said...

Happy new year to you too!

Julie said...

Happy New Year, Fiona!

Green-Eyed Girl said...

That list made me smile.

Fiona said...

He brings such happiness to my life, and I to his.

We have an incredible balance and passion for each other.

Plus, he's the only man to ever give me flowers...and as if that isn't enough, he takes me for ice cream after dinner :)

I am in love (because of more than the roses and ice cream)!


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