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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pizza a la Hong Kong

Sorry, I can't get the image bigger than that, but if you want to see it properly sized, go to Pizza-BOX. They are one of the biggest pizza franchises here (they used to trade as Domino's) after Pizza Hut and I thought you might be interested to see the local slant on this delicacy.

We're pretty standard with the bases and the toppings, it's the sauces which are a little 'unusual'.

You have the choice of:
(a) Classic Tomato (I never vary from that)
(b) BBQ
(c) Thousand Island
(d) Japanese Curry Sauce

Yes, you can have any of those, onto which regular (and sometimes not so regular) pizza toppings are laid. To be honest, I've never tried hot thousand island dressing as my pizza sauce, not to mention Japanese curry sauce. Japanese curry has its own unique flavour with a very loose association to real curry, but it's actually rather good, in its own way. Especially the retort pouches (an improved version of the old boil-in-bag).

Though I'm not convinced about its application in the world of pizza. Mind you, as far as not-so-regular-toppings go, I've also never had the eel topping, nor the crab and peach topping, both of which are rolled out regularly, as specialty pizzas. We also had this really strange one about a year ago, called the 'moving fish' pizza. It was slivers of dried tuna drizzled over the top of the cooked pizza, which actually did sort of float about because they were almost lighter than air!! A true culinary experience a la Hong Kong.

There you are, Ian, a long-awaited food post!!!


chele said...

OH my..eel and peaches..moving fish..*blinks*

Fusion said...

Saw the tag line, oh pizza! Sounds good, dammit Fiona you made me hungry for it. Then I read the post, yeah, not so hungry anymore...

I think I'll call Dominos and ask for the eel and thousand island special!

Actually I like reading about different foods, thanks for sharing!

Matt Kohai said...

I think those tuna bits are bonito flakes - I've seen them on other Japanese dishes.

I'm far more traditional with my pizza - tomato sauce, cheese, meat/veg, and none of this crazy fruit stuff, or wacky seafood. That's not to say I don't like to experiment with food in general - just that on pizza, it isn't really pizza to me otherwise...

Fiona said...

hahahhaha Chele....are you saying you don't want me to order you one *L*

Fusion...stick around, I'm often talking about food around here, and Ian (LePhare) misses it when I don't!

Matt...exactly...katsuo-bushi...mmmmmmmmm in the right place, but it's NOT on top of a pizza *L*

LePhare said...

Haven't had a pizza for years, but it would have to be a Margarita. Don't like the idea of piling the whole Salad Bar on top.

How come I get a mention when there's food about? l.o.l

Fiona said...

mmmm sometimes a good, really good, margarita is just perfect

bit like ice cream....a good vanilla beats any whacky combination!!

hahahahahah because, Ian, you LIKE my food posts *L*

P.S. OMG my word verification for this comment is ....cucum!!!!!

LePhare said...

Lucky you!

Mine was XPGJRKI ! It really rolls of the tongue!!

LePhare said...

Sorry, meant 'off'.


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