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Friday, February 09, 2007


This post doesn't feel like me. It reads as discombobulated as I feel. I'll be better soon, so many things I want to write about, so little time in the past two weeks to write.

I'm here....I'm there....I'm everywhere!!! I don't feel ready to travel, even though I've checked-in online and I've started to pack. And now I hear it's COLD COLD COLD in the UK, hopefully by the time I'm on my way there, on the 15th, it has warmed up a little. Actually I don't feel the cold too badly (all this insulation I have) but Rhona will be miserable!!

Travel....checked-in online, managed to get a good aisle seat with extra legroom at the bulkhead, in BA's World Traveller Plus compartment (bit of extra room). My wonderful Hilton contact has secured a day-use room for Saturday and again on the 15th overnight (due to connections) at Gatwick at the amazing rate of 25 quid inclusive of VAT and breakfast. Usually it would be about 100-120 quid.

Packing....clothes for heat and clothes for the cold. Wish lists completed. Six frisbees for Lupo. 12 packets of satay marinade for Rhona. About 50 dvds for Rhona. Pashminas and perfume for Mum.

Money....Euros and Pounds sorted.

Work....is pretty much about 'there'. I am down to about six things I must get done before I go. Email rule is ready to be enabled. Will hand over active projects, some upwards and some downwards.

Newspaper delivery....damn I forgot to cancel my weekend paper delivery at home, but that's nothing too major to worry about.

So, why the discombobulation? I don't know, maybe just trepidation about seeing Mum again, preparing for battle, hoping there is only calm and good times. I'm worried about Rhona's drinking, she gets so aggressive when she over-imbibes and she tends to do that a lot, especially when she's on her own home ground. Wishing I was going to see my love, instead of travelling in the other direction.

We had a wonderful telephone date my last night/his yesterday morning. Truly wonderful! I love that man, my god how I do love him. Suddenly, it all feels more like this.

And although I won't be on the computer while I'm in Tenerife, I will be able to connect again when I'm in Scotland. Nevertheless, I have my mobile and am getting more and more proficient with the text function so we'll be in constant contact by text and voice. Which makes me feel like this.

Every little smidgen of contact we have, warms my soul.

Still, we want more. We need more. We will have more. Including more, of this.


Matt Kohai said...

Travel can be discombobulating. I hope you have a decent if not pleasant trip, and good luck with Sis as well as Mum.

Fusion said...

Amazing what you can say with pictures! Where did you find those?
I think once you start your holiday, you will feel a little better and hopefully all will go well with your family. I'm having my own "mom" issues too. Since my dad died, she's been very dependant on me, even though I'm 1200 miles away.
Safe journey Fiona. I'll keep good thoughts going your way!

Fiona said...

Thank you Matt, I'll try and find some 'me' time to post a bit.

Fusion, thank you...I felt I needed to give people who stopped by, SOMETHING, even if it was only some really lovely images.

I use www.inmagine.com, you simply register and there's no fee for using their images.

It's always hard going to my parent's/mother's house now my dad is gone. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my life's anchor.

Miranda said...

First...lol I love that word Discombobulation.

Second...cool pics.

Have a wonderful trip!!!!

freebird said...

You've probably already gone, but have a safe journey and enjoy the 'Fi time'.
To think... I might actually meet the wise old woman of the web! (I didn't mean old, it just kinda went with the phrase ;-) )

freebird said...

Why didn't I say 'wise old woman of the world wide web'?
Rushing, I suppose.
I've just made it worse, haven't I?!

LePhare said...

Just waiting for your return. Safe journey and take care.

Sunny Delight said...

Sending you hugs for a safe trip, we will miss you, have a wonderful time...and with your Mum....just breathe darlin' just breathe!

Fiona said...

Hi Miranda...yes I do too, I love the way it rolls around the mouth!! And thank you!

hahahahha FB trust me I didn't take offence...and anyway it's the 'evil interweb' as my mum calls it ;)....I have your number, fingers crossed!!

Well I'm in at Gatwick now, at the Hilton (connections both in my air travel and the hotel industry ;))....bit f'ing cold and wet when I arrived at 6am!!!

Sunny...I just hope it doesn't get to me hyperventilating *L*

oh and what's with me and internet connection with Hilton hotels? They had to move me to another room to get online...this time it wasnt me crawling under the desk to check it, but a very tall, very cute, VERY young guest relations manager.

Steve said...

Three little words:





brings me to myself,

only when added to "you"...

(with absolutely no discombobulation)

But, that doesn't mean

that I am not a "nut"!

Fiona said...

Yes, Steve, you're a nut. But such a wonderful nut ;)

I love the concept of for, with, in.


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