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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Juggling, Trying Not To Miss Any Balls As They Descend

*apologies to anyone with coulrophobia*

That is what work feels like these days, just one big juggling act. A constant prioritising and re-prioritising effort. I've been so busy at work these past few weeks. Lots of interviews, lots of meetings, lots of end-of-year 'stuff', lots of 15-16 hour days. And I'm all too aware that lately I've been putting 'filler' here, partly because of a lack of time to sit and delve deep, partly because there's so much to say about so many things around me, that I'm not sure where to start.

I did write something yesterday, date-specific for the 10th, so that's done at least.

Oh, and I'm about to go on walkabout again. This time, flying west to Europe. First stop Tenerife by way of London, to spend some quality time with my beloved boy and my sister of course, mustn't forget her!! Then we're travelling separately over to Scotland (me via London, she's going via Newcastle) but we'll get there on the same day (with several hours between us). A few days with Mum, then it will be time to make the long journey home, to get back here on the 2oth as our Chinese New Year break ends on that day and it's time to be back at work on the 21st. My sis is planning on staying a few extra days in Scotland.

I'm looking forward to the trip but it will be hard to sit at the airport here and watch the flights heading east towards the man I love. The last three times I've been at the airport, it was to go to visit him. Sighs. We need to be together again soon.

I'll write more tomorrow, before I go. Hopefully, something a little more interesting than this!!


Fusion said...

Sounds like you'll have fun, except for the long flights. All my flying takes about 3 1/2 hours total, but the trip I took to Hawaii was 6 hours, and I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin by then. And to make matters worse, once we landed, we all sat on the plane for 3 more hours because the power was out in the islands from an earthquake! Such fun!

Fiona said...

Fusion, being with my sis guarantees a good time (remember the coconuts in Hawaii??!!).

Spending some time with my Mum is necessary and at least her two girls are there together and we will give each other emotional support that way.

I'm actually getting pretty used to extended travel, Since November I've made one long-haul trip each month and with a bit of luck will continue to make them about as regularly :)

The secret is, wherever possible night flights, a couple of movies you haven't seen playing on their system and if necessary, a melatonin tablet. The longest single leg I've ever flown was Hong Kong/New York at 17 hours. That's really pushing it for me.

I can easily do 14 without too much pain (so long as I have an aisle seat to minimise my feelings of claustrophobia).

OMG though, you're right, the time on the tarmac is the worst part of any journey!! Was that the recent earthquake, the one in October?

freebird said...

You don't fancy a teeny-weeny detour do you? I could have the kettle on... or a corkscrew at the ready!

just a thought said...

You never have said where east it is you fly to. Is it a secret or an oversight?

LePhare said...

Pack snow shoes and thermals, you'll need them.

Fiona said...

FB, you know if I can I will !!!! *VBS*

eerrrmmm just a thought, let's call it intentional oversight :)

oh noooooooooooooo.. Ian you are aware I hope that I don't own anything of the sort??? How f'ing cold is it??!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there I totally relate to the working aspect of it all.

Ok the clown really freaked me out. I hate clowns. I think they are inherently evil!

I had to scroll down rather quickly so I could read your post.

Fiona said...

oooooooh sorry OB, that's why I put the apology underneath him *L*

there are an awful lot of people with that phobia.

Matt Kohai said...

Don't worry about a "lacking" post. Hell, you're busy, it's work stuff. And you actually posted more there than you think - including the filler. In other words, "It's all good..."

Fusion said...

Yep, we landed about 6 hours after the quake, sat in the plane for 3 hours, moved to the dark, un-air conditioned inter-island terminal for another 3 hours, and finally made it to Kauai 7 1/2 hours late! Then we had a good time for the rest of the trip. The vacation was suppose to be for our 25th anniversary, but after my wife died, I took my son with me instead, and it gave me a good break after all that had happened.

freebird said...

Keeping my fingers crossed!


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