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Monday, March 19, 2007

I Feel....

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...as flat as a pancake today

and in need of some cream, bananas and strawberries

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or bacon, orange and kiwi fruit

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Update at 11:45am :

I just had THE BEST phone call from my love (we haven't been able to speak all weekend). I'm all smiles again. It's amazing the effect, just hearing his voice, hearing him say 'I love you', has on me!!! Yipppppeeeee. I definitely look like those last two pics now. God, I love that man!!!


Sunny Delight said...

So do it my friend.....add some sweet juicy fruit to your life this day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the smile. I'm feeling a little flat today as well. I want to lay on a beach, in the sun, sip on a pina colada while reading a "can't put down book" and have my feet massaged by a handsome, young who will give me happy feet.
Do I ask for too much?

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm with Deb! That sounds like heaven!

I'm feeling a little flat today too, Fiona. And actually fruit sounds absolutely like what I need :)

That sounds odd doesn't it?

Hang in there

Fiona said...

Sunny- I just got all the sweet juicy fruit I could ever want, in the form of a phone call from my love!!!!

Deb - sounds really good but pass the sunscreen please, I'm a pale redhead :) I have someone in my life who makes my feet deliriously happy!!!!

Ob - I can just see you and deb lined up, being tended to by the cabana boy ;)

I am happy happy HAPPY!!!!

Matt Kohai said...

Glad to hear you're in a perkier mood, Fi. Cheers.

sophie n said...

: )

i love the pics...

Fiona said...

I perked up right away Matt :)

Even when you're down, you have to find a smile somewhere Sophie :)

Jac said...

Congratulations on being "re-inflated!" Isn't it amazing how love (and another person) can fill you with the breath of life?

Fiona said...

Jac....the love we share continues to totally astound me. The way we can make each other feel, though eight thousand miles apart, is incredible.

And yes, he just totally re-inflates me!!!! :)


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