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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The One Good Day

There was one good day in Tenerife.

We started off with a drive up the east coast, from the south, to Santa Cruz. A trip to Ikea and the Levi's store as Rhona was lusting after a new pair of Levi's engineered jeans, but decided she didn't like the latest design (too low on the hips). Ikea, however, was very fruitful - I bought her a set of kitchen knives, some chopping boards, some throws for the now dog-eared and dog-worn sofa, glasses, mugs, bits and pieces.

On the way up to the 'big city' we passed one of my favourite spots, the wind turbine park where they generate some electricity for smaller villages. These structures, and the sounds they produce, always amaze me. Modern windmills, perhaps it's the Don Quixote in me:

Sorry about the photos but they were taken from the window of a moving car, travelling at about 100mph!!

We went back home and picked up the woofers for a run on the beach. I find black sand so hard to get used to, I much prefer white coral-based sand, but on this beach the volcanic sand was actually twinkling with the minerals it contained. It was really quite beautiful to walk upon, soft and warm and sparkling as though tiny diamonds were scattered everywhere. And we had the whole place to ourselves that day, it was wonderful:

Rhona and her beau, Kirk:

Lupo in heaven - surf AND a frisbee. He won't go near dog frisbees or toy frisbees, no no not him, that is a competition level frisbee he's holding. And I have to get them from the local Ultimate Players Association. Each time, the guy I contact keeps trying to get me to join them, I just laugh and say no thank you!!!

Where's Waldo? aka ... Can you spot Kirk?

Left to right - Bozo (Kirk's hound), Kirk (Rhona's alpha male), Rhona (Kirk's beeyach), Shaz (Rhona's hound), Lupo (my hound)

And to round off the day, we actually went to play bingo!! Ummm Spanish bingo. Setenta y siete. Dieciséis. Treinta y nueve. Cuarenta y cinco. We were very gung-ho at first and even took two cards each. As the caller started to roll off the numbers we just looked at each other wide-eyed and cracked up. Thereafter we restricted ourselves to one card each. Thank goodness the numbers were also displayed on a big board but wow, they called them out fast and the caller sounded like Minnie Mouse!! Not as easy as it sounds, all considered.

Kirk actually won a line AND the house on one card - with a total win of €486 (equiv. US$637)!! He was so excited he called out "doh" and Rhona is still to this day pulling his leg about that. Here's the winner (well, a silhouette of him) under the bingo lights.

A really good day. The sunset I posted yesterday, was also from this day.


Matt Kohai said...

I'm glad to see that you did manage to have one really good day on that trip - it seemed for a while there like you were going through nothing but utter hell.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I've never seen windmills like that before, aside from photographs.

Fiona said...

Matt, it was a good day, an almost 'dry' day....so much better to be doing all that, than just sitting getting sozzled - I don't know why they don't have more days like that from choice.

I love them cj, they make a sort of whooping/whooshing sound, tis amazing what mother nature can allow us to capture.

Fiona said...

ooooh cj, that was 'you'!!!! Hi and I really miss your blog, girl :)

Fusion said...

Some good memories for you! I'm glad.
I used to live near Palm Springs, CA for 10 plus years, and I'd drive through a big wind farm near there, I never got tired of seeing the windmills.

freebird said...

Y'know, I never had the 'wise old woman of the world wide web' down as a bingo girl!

Fiona said...

Fusion - they have a music festival there which they hold around the turbines...they illuminate them and apparently it's really awesome, I'd love to see something like that!!

FB - chuckling well I'm no bingo queen and it was a very tongue-in-cheek evening *L*

Anonymous said...

Hi back atcha,

Oh, I'm down for the moment but will return bigger and better.

Do do you Flickr, by chance?

Fiona said...

Glad to hear you'll be back cj.

I probably should do flicker, I used to use photobucket a lot. You've given me food for thought...one of these days I'll get my act (and my photos) together and flicker them!


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