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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Like Rivers of Liquid Gold

Sunset in Tenerife. Nature needs no description, and no explanation is possible.


Sunny Delight said...

It doesn't seem possible that a sky could be so beautiful......awe inspiring! And you actually had the opportunity to live with those skies for a few years.....some of the memories have to be truly wonderful if only for the natural gifts of the area.

Fiona said...

It was a remarkable evening sky, and the way every surface absorbed that light was awesome...this was so soft and muted and rich and deep, I even felt my skin soaking it up.

Ooooh I was only there for 18 months .....and during those 18 months I had one half-day off in the whole time. I went to work at 7am and didn't get home until 9pm most days, and 1am on days of night dives, especially in summer when we had to wait until after 9pm to get people into the water.

And all that time, I spent it in the dive centre, with little natural light, temperatures in the 80s from the heat of the compressor that worked almost all day (profit centre doing fills for smaller dive operators with no compressor) and lots of hard work. No breaks for me, the divers would come back and take breaks, I'd be filling tanks and washing suits and gear!!

Tank fills were the part I hated the most...huge safety factor involved and the weight of those things is crazy....a steel tank full is almost 60 pounds and they had to be hoisted in and out of 3-foot bins full of water, to cool them while they were filling (this increased the volume of air the tank could hold), meaning slightly longer dives.

I had such muscles *L*...but didn't see ANYTHING of the island, not until my recent trips back to see Rhona :)

Fusion said...

Wow, incrediable sunset pictures! Just beautiful Fiona.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Reminds of those books where the kids write letters to God.

I remember one saying...

I didn't think that purple and orange matched until I watched the sunset.

Thank you for sharing those :)

Fiona said...

Fusion - I'm a crap photographer so you can well imagine how much more beautiful it was than I managed to capture. My 10 megapixel camera is totally wasted on me *L*

Oblivion - I absolutely agree that nature understands colours better than we ever will.

LePhare said...

Hi Fi. If food doesn't tempt me out then a sky will. I spend a lot of my spare time looking up, especially in the evening. Sunset always inspire me.

Just had a few days off, early nights, girding my loins for the battle ahead ;-) Nice to be missed.

Luv, IanS

Fiona said...

Ian...there you are!!! Hey hey now, no talk of your loins please ;)

Actually my pics seem to have gone walkabout today, bloody blogger. I think I should load them into photobucket and back out again!!

Good to see you, I was ready to roll out my roast goose and scallop post (not in the same dish!!) but glad to see that I didn't need to pull out the big guns :)


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