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Monday, March 05, 2007

"Our Love is Like Lycra"

Yes *laughing* I did in fact utter that statement to my love!!

We were talking about loving each other and how wonderful these emotions are, which we share. We're always connecting through emails, e-cards, phone calls. Reaching out and verbalising our feelings between the times we can be together. When we get to share them physically and emotionally and spiritually, in all dimensions and in every way possible.

I was trying to explain to him, how I feel that his love fills me to the point I really think I've reached my limit of absorbing his love. But how, I wake up the next day and I love him more. Beyond what I even thought was possible. That our love is like lycra!

Lycra, that wonderfully forgiving - and yet also so unforgiving - fabric. Forgiving in that you can sit down to a big meal in a lycra skirt, with that safe 'give' that it has, and rise from the table without being cut in half by your waistband. And unforgiving in so many ways - I once walked behind a very large woman in lycra animal-print leggings and a matching camisole top, and just cringed on her behalf. Then I wondered why I was cringing, after all she was extremely happy with her outfit, including the ankle-crunching lucite platform heels and tap-teased hair that was probably a walking fire hazzard. Actually the whole outfit from head to toe was a true celebration of the wonder of synthetic fibres!

I love that our love is so stretchy. I love that our love just keeps on expanding. I love that our love knows no bounds. I love that our love gives me the most happiness I've ever felt.

I love that our love is like lycra.


Fusion said...

Sounds like a good title for a song there Fiona! *S*

So wonderful that your love knows no bounds!

Matt Kohai said...

How very bungee-esque... ;-)

Fiona said...

Fusion - definitely country and western don't you think?!! :)

oooooh Matt - but after it stretches it has an incredible boing-a-boing-a-boing factor *L*....hmmmm interesting ;)

Anonymous said...

I love lycra myself, it's in bluejeans now and has a wonderful give in it for women of a certain age.

It's nice that you have that love in your life.

Fiona said...

Aaaaaah Deb, I really do relate to that 'women of a certain age' statement ;)

I'm blessed to have this man in my life, mind you I waited 47 years for him to appear :)

Jonas said...

At my age, I wish all of my pants had lycra/spandex...
um...expansion capabilities. Sigh.

Love is grand, though, is it not?

Sunny Delight said...


Fiona said...

LOL Jonas - and what, may I enquire, is it that necessitates expansionability of your pants :)

Love is so TOTALLY grand :):)

Oh Sunny, I never even dared to dream that anyone could inspire such feelings in me :):):)

Sally-Sal said...

It's so wonderful to feel the glow from the love you're experiencing.

Your love is an example of what "real" love is. Thanks for sharing :)

Love you!!!!!

Fiona said...

Sally, thank you!! It does generate an awful lot of heat ;)


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