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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men....and Fiona and Her Love...Often Go Awry

Well, the trip may not quite happen as we have prepared for and arranged. We've hit a slight speed-bump due to some scheduling, and our plans may have to be pushed back a little. But neither of us is fazed by this, because we have reached the point where 'Even The Bad Times Are Good' (apologies for the quality and brevity of this clip, I'm amazed I found anything really given the age of this tune!) :

La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la

There are times in this life of mine
I think that the sun forgot how to shine
But as long as you're always there
It don't bother me 'cos why should I care
When all I've gotta do
Is run to you

Even the bad times are good
Soon as I get to you baby
You just gotta hold me
And even the bad times are good

Even the bad times are good
Soon as I get to you baby
You just gotta kiss me
And even the bad times are good

La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la

When the day seems to drag along
And all that I do is workin' out wrong
Still I find that I never cry
As long as I know that you're standing by
Then all I've gotta do
Is run to you

Even the bad times are good
Soon as I get to you baby
You just gotta hold me
And even the bad times are good

Truth be told, even the bad times are wonderful, with this man in my life. He just totally does it for me on all levels. There was a time I'd have been bereft, sad, even angry and wanting to apportion blame somewhere.

Not any more. He has helped me to be more at peace within and with myself. He has helped me to accept everything that comes along with a positive outlook. He has helped me to be a better person.

There's nothing to worry or fret about, we'll be seeing each other soon, we both know that.

And as if to reinforce it all, this is my weekly horoscope:

This week April 23 through April 29 - Scorpio

You are a sensitive and emotional person, and you respond to the intricate nuances of life around you. That's why your sign is considered to be the psychologist of the Zodiac, since you are observant of your own and other people's motivations. This week you may have to deal with quite a bit of change. It will help if you look for the positive aspects of your new life challenges.

Hell to the yeah (as he and I say), I see the positive aspects of it all. Who knows, maybe we'll manage to get SEVEN days and nights if we have to reschedule.


Fusion said...

Well then hold out for the seven I say! ;)

Matt Kohai said...

Good luck with the adjusted travel plans. I'm glad things are going well for you, or at least better than they are for me at the moment.

Fiona said...

Fusion - *L* what can I say, I'm just so greedy for that man ;)

Matt - it's looking like one week off original plans only. Piece of cake! Hope things settle down for you.

Unspoken Drama said...

You're my new role model, Miss Fiona! I need to follow your lead and stop worrying. Sorry about the adjusted plans but glad that you have each other to work through it WITH!!


Jonas said...

I rather enjoy seeing this new-found serenity in you, Fiona.

Fiona said...

Drama - I used to be a worrier, I'm much more calm within myself now. And I look for the up not the down these days :)

Jonas - It's going to take something big to throw me off kilter ;)

Sally-Sal said...

You are absolutely amazing.

My one true love said to me when we were together "A bad day with you is better than a wonderful day with someone else."

That's the way love is. If it's with the one who has your heart, you can do nothing, and it's everything.

May you have only sunshine with him, may your days be filled with the love that you share.

Fiona said...

Sally - that's the absolute truth. I'd live in a cardboard box under a bridge to be with him.

My best meal with him, pizza eaten right out of the container because it was all we could find open on our first night together after a while, and all that mattered was being with him again.

My best image of him, watching him talk to a stranger he just met with such ease and such an open heart.

My best memory of him, each and every time he wraps me up in his embrace and I know he'll never let anything or anyone ever hurt me again.

Thank you so much for your words :)

anna said...

I should take lessons from you. I worry and stress about everything.


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