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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Bigger Half

Usually, when we cleave ourselves away from each other at the end of a trip, there are tears pinching at our eyes. Hot, heavy, salty tears just waiting for the next blink to release them.

This last trip, we parted in laughter. And all because of a mint.

We'd spent a few hours in the airline lounge and upon leaving I reached into the courtesy mint bowl at the door and took a couple. I tucked one into my pocket for later and unwrapped the other to suck on as we made our way slowly to his gate, as he was leaving first.

A tangle of computer bags and arms, and bumping hips and thighs, as we walked slowly, so slowly, to the inevitable parting of the ways. Talking and just enjoying the last few moments together, taking smaller than normal steps to delay for as long as possible, our arrival at his gate. Stopping often to embrace and whisper to each other.

(Warning - food sharing story coming up)

I'm a cruncher then a sucker, so by the time we got to his gate, I'd gnawed through the mint and it was in two halves in my mouth. When he pulled me to him for a kiss at the gate, I pushed one half of the mint into his mouth with my tongue. I could feel him chuckle as he does so love it when I slip my tongue between his lips, but he didn't pull away. Instead we rolled the mint around between our tongues with our lips still locked. Then he pushed it back into my mouth.

Oooooh game on, I'm thinking. I decided to change halves and pushed the other, larger half (well really it was the three-quarter) into his mouth. He pulled away laughing and proceeded to chew on it. He had a wicked smile on his face and cracked up when I blurted out "Oh my god, you took the bigger half." I think I had a pretty incredulous look on my face, and then I cracked up too.

Moral of the story - don't risk the bigger half unless you're prepared to lose it!!!

By the way, as an aside, he has the sexiest mouth ever and I live in a constant need to press my lips to his.

For once the parting was of laughter and smiles, not tears and that stricken look that only lovers know. It felt so good to have that lightness of being, that sharing of fun right up until the last moment. To separate with the sound of each other's laughter ringing in our ears.

Oh, and very sticky, minty lips.


Unspoken Drama said...

:::sniffle::: How incredibly sweet and romantic. I love it!!

Fusion said...

Yes Fiona, A very sweet story...

I couldn't help it...it was too easy.

Not long for us now, huh?

Matt Kohai said...

I have to remember that one for my next visit with Iona, hopefully very, very soon! Sounds like way too much fun!

Fiona said...

drama - what can I say, we're just like that together :)

aaaah Fusion - I handed you that one on a plate!! Actually, alas, our schedules (and therefore plans) have hit a slight speed bump, slowing us down a little. Nothing we can't handle though :)

Matt - food and sex go mighty well together ;)

Sunny Delight said...

Parting with laughter, and love....And......sticky lips....plus, every time you eat a starlight mint from now on...you will think of each other.....as if that is a problem!


Fiona said...

Sunny....oh my there's an awful lot that would jog our collective memory!!! ;)

It was indeed, the best of the partings yet!

Miranda said...

Parting with laughter is way better than parting with tear.

mist1 said...

Those mints always cut up the roof of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

That was great.

I know all too well how hard it is to walk in opposite directions of the man you love.

Trueself said...

Just reading that made me say "Awwwwww" but only in my head. I'm afraid my coworkers would've looked at me funny if I had said it out loud.

freebird said...


kimba said...

ohhh just the loveliest story..

Fiona said...

Miranda - it's the very best way, no doubt!! :)

Mist1 - you need a little more tongue action, twixt roof of mouth and mint ;)

Ob - I think that with time, he and I walk in the same direction emotionally, no matter our flight schedules :)

TS - the number of times I've laughed out loud or had a tear run down my cheek at work. I think they reckon it's the menopause or something *L*

FB - minty yummmmmmmy ;)

Kimba - don't you go all mushy now woman!!! ;)

anna said...

Aww, that was such a sweet story! I'd like to read more little anecdotes about the times you share.


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