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Monday, April 23, 2007

A Little Bit of Fun

There's really nothing quite like tarty white bread. This was the favourite bread and baked goods supplier in Tenerife (and available in most Spanish-speaking territories).

Oh yes, the famous 'homo sausage'. Actually I consumed quite a few of these Japanese meaty snacks in my youth. Until I realised I couldn't identify just what meat it was. Inside that packaging, the sausage is encased in a thick plastic tube secured at both ends with a metal clip. That alone should have put me off.

A favourite of British households, the good old 'spotted dick'. Sponge and raisin pudding to those not in the know.

What can I say...we Scots take our oatmeal very seriously, to the point of categorising the consumer on the packaging.

These are, again, found in the Spanish-speaking world and I couldn't believe my eyes when I first discovered them. Filipino being a native of The Philippines. They come in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Judging from the translation of 'Ritz' into Chinese characters, these are for the China (or Taiwan) market. I haven't seen them for sale here, but I'm guessing Blueberry Cheese is an acquired taste.

Aaaah good old collon biscuits. What can I say?

When you're thirsty, bet you want to reach for a bottle of sweat too!!

'For Musicians With Lips', now there's a market waiting to be tapped.

The blurb on this is: "Toilet paper Hemo-Roll is 3 plies hygienic product. The coloured side of a piece of Hemo-Roll tissue paper contains a herb micro-layer of an extract from oak bark, marigold and common yarrow, with easeful effects on rectum." Got to love those easeful effects on one's rectum.

This would be classified as racist...if it wasn't actually made in China for the Chinese market!

Updated 24 May, subsequent to s*'s comment....


Matt Kohai said...

You've been having a little too much fun at the grocer's, methinks... ;-)

Princess of the Universe said...

I am SO bringing a camera the next time I go grocery shopping!

Fusion said...

I've actually had spotted dick, to EAT (just clarifing there). My daughter and her friend ordered all kinds of food from GB a couple of years ago, it was fun trying the different foods, even if many of them were pretty much the same foods we have here in the states, just with fun different names.

Miranda said...

LOL...too funny. OMG yeah I so wouldn't touch some of those things.

Fiona said...

Matt - I have to admit that in these parts, a mere trip to the supermarket can garner a good laugh or two.

Princess - please do and then share!!! :)

Fusion - aaaaah GB food. So, did you do haggis? Did ya? Did ya? ;)

Miranda - oh come on now, live dangerously. Actually pocari sweat is a bit like a flavourless gatorade (now I know why they add the flavourings!!) and collon biscuits are not bad. I've not treated my rectum to any easeful effects though, I admit. ;) Good to have you back!

Fusion said...

Nope, she didn't buy any haggis. I think there was a problem shipping it to the states or something. I wouldn't mind trying it, I love meats.

S* said...

Love this!

Don't they sell Blackie toothpaste? As a complement to the Chinky toothpaste, of course.

Fiona said...

Actually YES!!!!! It was originally called Darkie and was renamed to 'Darlie', together with an evolution from a picture of a minstrel to a more pc mutation. The Chinese characters still translate to 'Black Man'. I've updated the pics to show you!!!!

S* said...

Oh, the PC version is the best! It's hardly reminiscent of the horribly offensive brand it once was (*sarcasm*). But at least they tried.

anna said...

Some of those are hilarious and others are just shocking. I mean, Chinky???? Don't they know?


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