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Friday, April 20, 2007

What's On Your Keyring?

I have:

Two house door keys, two letterbox keys (don't know why I keep my spare there too!), two office keys and my office desk key.

A carabiner so I can hook it all to my backpack loop when I travel. There's nothing worse than thinking you've lost your housekeys when you're travelling. I thought I had once, and then found them packed in my suitcase. So now they are clipped into my backpack, safe and sound, for the duration of my trip.

A big red plastic heart I got for free with one of the coolest mousepads ever, the top was gel encased in clear plastic, with little sperms floating around, which moved as you slid your mouse over the pad. Nooj and I had one each at work until they got 'noticed'.

A 'horny angel' tag (whistles innocently) I picked up in London on my last visit. Nooj has a blue one that says 'bootylicious'. Sistahs!

My HSBC online banking code generator. Those things are so cool.

Oh and last but not least, barely discernible is my 'kiss token' which I gave to my man on my last trip and collected back when he redeemed it. And boy did he ever redeem it (insert huge grin right now)!! I suspect that little disc will be travelling between our hands A LOT on this next trip ;)

So, what do you guys have on yours?


Sunny Delight said...

I am a very simple gal.

My keyring has two little Buckingham Palace Guards dangling on it, and....hmmm....there is something else on there but it is in my Jeep, and I can't remember what it is.....it also only has one key on it, the Jeep key. (this keyring was a gift from a VERY GOOD FRIEND....I wonder who? *VVBS*)

I don't lock my house, nor my office, nor my desk.......hmmmm, I must be a very trusting soul.

Fiona said...

hahahahahha unlike me, Sunny, I tend to accumulate 'danglies' :)

Thinking....was it a guardsman, a beefeater and a london bobbie??? Big grin, I remember shopping for it!!

Oh my god I HAVE to lock my office (well department) door, there's way too much 'interesting' stuff in here *L*

It's amazing that there are still places where one doesn't have to lock one's door!!

Fusion said...

I have WAY too much on my rings. Yes I said rings, two connected by a small strap. on one i have two key fobs for my sport wagon and truck, and my electronic key for the gym. The other ring has three car keys (I actually own four cars right now, it's a long story), my work key, and two front door keys to my house (main and storm doors). Yeesh, after my trip I'll be selling two of the cars.

Fiona said...

That IS a lot of cars Fusion, even for an American! :)

kimba said...

4 CARS!!!!

*shakes head*


I have my keys attached to a kangaroo leather coinpurse.. 2 sets of work keys for 2 sets of work.. my bike lock key.. my house key and one that I have ONLY JUST REMEMBERED which is my mum's house key.. sheesh.. and I nearly threw that little one away 'cos I forgot what it is for.. hmmm :)

mist1 said...

I have four key rings. It is obsessive.

1. House key, mail key, car key, wi-fi hot spot detector, and a blinged out M.

2. House key, car key, and a silver fish.

3. Condo key, mail key, spare mail key (good point about keeping them together), and a Tiffany's fob with M1 engraved.

4. A key to His house on a silver M.

I don't have a lot of danglies, but it seems that I'm a bit vain an in love with my initials.

Jocelyn said...

I'm outrageously boring compared to you. I have a tag for the college I attended, and then I have backdoor housekey, garage key, two car keys. What I don't have, and this tells you a lot about me, is a key to the front door of my house.

Actually, I'm not sure what it tells you about me, but it's frustrating sometimes.

Jac said...

When I was a grad-student, I thought it was sexy and powerful looking to have lots of keys hanging out of my jeans pocket. After all, if you have a lot of keys, then you are in charge of many things.

Now, many years later, I am powerful and sexy :), and in charge of many things. And, I HATE carrying wads of keys around. Probably because I can't wear the jeans and half of women's work clothes don't even have pockets! So if you don't stick it in your underwear (leading to pain and awful bulges)you have nothing to do with the darn car key!

I have the smallest ring possible, no doodads, with detachable hooks. On one side is house and office key, on other car. If I can get away with it, I just carry the car key.

Life, and keyrings, are funny

LePhare said...

I couldn't think, so I had to look. The car key, back door key, three keys to my mother's house, soon to be handed in, a Tesco loyalty bar code fob, and a small plastic Big Ears. There's also a garage 'if found return to' fob.

I've just counted the keys on the rack in the kitchen. Nineteen in all, and I only know what two of them will open!

It was the same at my mother's house when we were turning out. We must have found about forty keys. But where are the locks?

Matt Kohai said...

I've got two key rings. One for the car, one for the house.

The car key ring has a remote for the car, the key, and a fob for Murphy's Amber and Stout (an Irish brand).

The house key ring... That's rather "jangly" and I don't have it on me right now, but I remember it has the keys for my house, Beth's house key, keys for my wife's parents' house (why I carry them I don't know), a pill fob filled with dimes (emergency coin-op money) and the dog tags for my deceased pet, a female Cocker spaniel. It was sad seeing her go - she had to be euthanized, and I held her head in my hands and spoke softly to her as the vet gave her the injection, calling her a good girl.

Anonymous said...

My personal keys are Front Door, Back Door, car one and car two.

Daffy Duck holding them all together (he's my favorite cartoon character) and a keychain from my little sister (she's not so little anymore she's 24) that says "Big Sis'" She has the one that says "Lil' Sis'"

Sally-Sal said...

one key for my car, one key for my desk at work, one key for my house, a bottle opener in the shape of a motorcycle, and a whistle :)

Unspoken Drama said...

Well I have 3 keyrings...I like to keep specific keys separated. So I have my car keyring which has my car key, car alarm remote, I love San Diego keyring (bought on my first trip to see Cali), all of my "rewards" key tags for various stores I shop at, my Burt's Bees lip balm sleeve, and a caribiner so that I can clip it to my jeans, jacket or purse. I also have my house keys on another keyring with a key fob that has the initial of my first name. The other car key is on a separate keyring with a hemp beaded keychain. That's all. I do collect keychains tho and have about 40 but I don't carry them with me. LOL


Matt Kohai said...

Oh, I nearly forgot - the house key ring has a bottle opener on it in the shape of a lizard. It was a gift from Lynn on our vacation last summer. It used to say "Naples" on it - we were in Naples, FL, and she had this vaguely annoying habit of following around the little salamanders running across the sidewalks which often resulted in her being about a half-block behind me as we walked...

freebird said...

Loads of keys, oddly enough! Plus a weight watchers key and a coupla stars *proud grin*, a broken mini-torch(!), but the best thing is a genuine, original Indian brass hippie bell which my sister gave me in 1967! And it drives anyone who rides in my car nuts!

Fiona said...

Thanks everyone - that was great fun!!! Whoever thought our keyrings would tell us so much about each other ;)

anna said...

I cleaned out my keyring a few years ago and have taken a minimalist approach since (only because I hate car rying around a heavy keyring). I have my house key, my car key, my car automatic locker/unlocker/panic button, and a dangly that was made by my father-in-law. It's a sculpted piece of ebony wood - woodworking has always been a hobby of his and this was actually made for my husband but he didn't like it and gave it to me (truth be told, it's got a bit of a phallic thing going on... but maybe that's just my sexually focused mind at work).

What a shame about having to get rid of that mousepad.


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