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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another American Icon

Today, I wanted something I'd only heard about, something that has intrigued me, something I knew I'd only get while over here.

So off we headed to Denny's....for biscuits and sausage gravy. I searched the menu and found it under 'side dishes' so I thought I'd better add a little to it as a side dish might not be enough to feature as my breakfast. Boy was I wrong!

That's my breakfast, as it arrived at the table, two biscuits and this heaping big bowl of gravy. I admit that I had to seek advice as to how to tackle consumption of this delicacy as I wasn't sure if I was supposed to dunk my biscuits into it or take some other approach. My love very kindly split my biscuits and poured the gravy over them. Mmmmmmm much much better than I expected and a whole lot better than it looked. Tasty!!! But there was no way I could finish it all, not with the sausage links as well.

I'm amazed that is a side dish, to be added onto other main dishes???!!! Holy hell.

We had a great time, listening to some poor dude in the booth behind us trying to get into the pants of some gal he'd never met, but apparently 'knew' her sister and asked if her sister thought it would be ok for them to see each other. There he sat, as he told her, holding a table at Denny's (maitre d', table for two please) and obviously there were some wires crossed as she had no intention of making the trip over. But he wasn't giving up, got so excited that he ended up pacing the restaurant floor in front of us while we watched and listened and finally wore her down into giving him an address to jet off to. He even grifted his iced tea by asking a server not assigned to his table, for a take-out cup to pour it into and then just walked off without paying!!

I think Denny's on a Sunday morning is a great place for people watching / listening!


Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like your eating your way across America, in one way or another (I don't know how to make a winking face with the keyboard, so I'm writing it out) WINK. Kind of loses some of it's effect when you have to spell it out like that I think.
Have fun.

Sally-Sal said...

That looks delicious! I just woke up and haven't eaten, but yummers! Will dessert be served in the Dodge Caravan? ;)

Unspoken Drama said...

I'm really enjoying reading about your random meetings with these little bits of *Americana*...hehe. Sounds like you are both having fun.


Fusion said...

Better be careful Fiona, you won't want to head back to HK after all this american food...;)

Deb, it's a semi-colon, then the right parentheses (above the zero)

Jamie/foundme said...

Taking on the US breakfast, eh? My favorite foods are breakfast foods, and your eating several in that pic!

I actually make my gravy without meat, and still love it, then have bacon on the side.

mist1 said...

I live in the South and have never had biscuits and gravy. I am so hungry right now. I could go for biscuits and gravy.

Princess of the Universe said...

Mmm Denny's- we used to have them here and it was the worst tragedy in my limited little world when we lost them!

~Tim said...

The simplest things are the best!

Fiona said...

Good grief that stuff sat like a rock for the rest of the day!!!

I just love the experience of these places. Aaaaaah Americana :)

Desirea Madison said...

That's nothing. You should see the chicken & biscuits served at the Cheesecake Factory. I think the restaurants in America serve huge portions so they can justify charging more for their entrees. Fine dining in America is the opposite. They serve less and charge more. We ask how much am I getting for my money? The more the better. Only the rich pay more for less quantity. They pay extra for quality.

Fiona said...

I was pretty horrified at some of the portion sizes I witnessed. And moreso, the types of foods aimed at kids. It definitely is quantity over quality in a lot of places. There is often a lot of food on your plate, but it's not necessarily the things that are good for you which are plentiful. Lots of bread, potatoes, rice. Not so overly generous with the meat and veggies.

But then again, I'm totally spoiled here in Hong Kong, it's impossible to have a bad meal. The portions here are average, you eat, feel replete but not overstuffed and it's rare to have to ask for a box to take food away. If 'value' is having so much food on your plate you can't finish it all, then there's something wrong with portion size and there has to be a lot of wastage, for those who don't want to cart away half their meal.

I'm not being negative about my American friends, merely cognisant of eating habits in different places. I love the experience of eating out in America, the interaction with the servers, the differences in presentation and content.

Unspoken Drama said...

You are absolutely right about the portion sizes, Fiona. It's ridiculous in most *average* places. I've gotten to the point that I always ask for a carry out container as they bring my meal because I know that I will RARELY be eating all that is on my plate. Just easier to remove what I won't be eating from my plate right away.


Anonymous said...

Looks like he took you to all the hot spots. Denny's does a good down to earth American breakfast


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