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Sunday, May 06, 2007


I've seen many things on blogs. I've seen a lot of emotions poured forth. I've seen positive and negative. I've seen brilliance and hatred. I've seen hearts melt together, hearts break apart. I've seen pictures of people's bits and pieces.

Usually, the bits are the bits they want seen and, more often than not, they are not the whole 'thing'. Selected pretty posed bits. Pictures carefully crafted to enhance. Well cropped and staged. Well, I supposed HNT is a form of a stage.

On Thursday, I witnessed an act of supreme courage. Real, raw courage. A picture that says: This is me. It took an incredible amount of it for her to post this, more than I'd ever have.

Standing up and applauding Trueself for her honesty.


Gillette said...

Hey, Fiona..thanks for the link and for introducing me to a new hero. Hugs your way and have a grand trip!

Fiona said...

You're welcome Gillette! She is one awesome woman. And hugs returned tenfold to you :)

I'm glad to see a few people made their way over to Trueself and have left words of encouragement.

Trueself said...

Fiona - Thank you for your kind words about me and for pointing such kind people my way. You are a gem!


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