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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Of Dodge Caravans, Dove Bars and Meerkats

The Dodge Caravan passed with flying colours. Well, after a bit of a to-do with getting the seats all sorted when we picked up the car. The back row folds down flat into the floor while the second row is a bench-seat which disconnects from its docking hooks and the back folds down, but then it just kind of sits there. So we pushed it right up against the front seats and rearranged our baggage and lo and behold, there was certainly adequate space for our planned activities.

I was treated to a Dove bar on the journey. What can I say, when I was offered the full range of items in a convenience store, the ice cream cabinet beckoned me. It was yummy, although I did discover that once the chocolate covering cracks, big bits of it just slide off, so there's now a chocolate stain on the carpet on the passenger side of the vehicle.

We were driving along, enjoying being this close to each other again, holding hands and talking, leaning over for a kiss when there was a nice straight bit of road, watching the miles tick by, when suddenly we take an off ramp. I thought maybe he was hungry or needed another soda or something...until we drive into the parking lot of a shopping centre and the lightbulb goes on in my head. Aaaaaaaaaah. I laughed and he just said: I can't wait any longer. So off we went to the furthest, most deserted corner of the large lot, way at the back. We climbed over our seats into the back so as not to alert anyone to the illicit activities that were about to commence.

He spread out the towel and in one swift action removed all my lower body garments - honestly that guy can get the clothes off me just by looking at me! Considering there was a fair amount of luggage in the back and the benchseat only folded and pushed back, there was a decent amount of space back there. Certainly enough to do the horizontal tango. Details aside, yes he did and yes I did. And if you have to ask 'what', you shouldn't be reading this!

The funniest part was his meerkat impression. He was convinced that someone was going to spot us, not helped by the fact that two teenagers passed close by right at the start. I reminded him that they are tinted windows and I doubt anyone could have made out that there were two people making mad passionate love in the back of a parked Dodge Caravan, but he kept popping his head up and looking around just like a meerkat. I didn't know his head could turn like it did! I was just cracking up every time he did it.

Suffice to say we are no longer car virgins and that we were incredibly pleased to see each other. While we did enjoy the experience, there's a lot to be said for the king-size Doubletree Sweet Dreams bed with an abundance of pillows and double-wrapped duvet. Though something tells me that on the drive back next Tuesday, the car might be in for another round of fun. Now that we're 'experienced' perhaps we'll just use the backseat in situ.


George said...

Bravo Fiona ... I am standing up, applauding, trying to look in the windows.

Sunny Delight said...

I second what George said!

Isn't there a special UK slang word for what you naughty children did?

kimba said...

ooohhh that sounds too fun... good on you honey!

Gillette said...

Mmmmmm...passionate-can't-wait-to- get-my-hands-on-you-now-what-the- hell-will-we-do-if-we're-busted- sex....yum. So glad you two are happyhappy. Have a grand time!

Jac said...

So for you next trick....the mile high club, of course!

Anonymous said...

I love the meerkat description.

God it's so great to be with someone who just can't keep their hands off of you, isn't it???

Trueself said...

Meerkat, that's perfect. I can just envision him doing that (even though I have no idea what he looks like, but that never stopped my imagination before).

Glad you're having a good time.

Unspoken Drama said...

Love it! So happy to hear you are enjoying each other. ::grins:: Have a fantabulous trip!


Anonymous said...

I will now have that image of the meerkat in my head forever.

Fusion said...

Damn, I knew we should have rented a mini van instead of that Toyota Corolla...ha!

Glad it came in handy for you both.

Sally-Sal said...

There's something so sexy, so provacative about car sex... The thrill of getting caught, the hunger for your partner..

I think I'll go for a drive ;)

freebird said...

Knowing chuckle!


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