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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oral Cavity Panacea. And Guilin, PRC

Recently, I developed a little sore on the inside of my mouth, just below my bottom lip. I've been doing the usual hydrogen-peroxide-on-a-cotton-bud trick, but it's proving hard to budge and isn't healing, probably because the location is too damn convenient for constant nibbling. I think I might have burned myself there as a result of over-eager consumption of lava-like molten cheese from a weekend pizza. So today I purchased this:

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you "Sanjin Watermelon Frost Insufflations" (and the following is a quote from their website):

Watermelon Frost, is panacea of Chinese traditional oral cavity and throat diseases.

"Watermelon Frost is used to treat swelling and pain in the throat and mouth, tonsillitis and pharyngitis ect. Will be effective in a moment"which was recorded in the book 《Treatment For The Ulcer collection》 written bythe well-known doctor Gu Shicheng in the Qing Dynasty. Its preparatory method is"To put a watermelon in a yellow earthen bowl, after filling the watermelon with Gluer's salt, cover and fix with the base of watermelon and bamboo prod,again cover with a yellow earthen bowl as the big as the above, seal the yellow earthen bowl with bark paper and mud, put it in a cool place for numerous daysuntil its outside appears white frost, collect the white frost with a goosefeather broom, still put it the cool place for its outside appears white frostagain and again until it cannot produce white frost.

…." As a traditional Chinese medicine expert of China, Mr. Zhou Jieming, on the basis of ancient prescription, integration of the good points of ancient prescription, secret prescription and proved effective rescription,thirtyyears'clinicalpharmaceutical experience, has improved and created the newgeneration oral cavity and throat panacea ---- Sanjin watermelon Frost which is also on the basis of the exclusive approved Compound Watermelon Frost (has beensold in overseas market for 30 years) of "Guifeng" brand and "Elephant Hill"brand in P.R of China. Sanjin watermelon Frost contains necessary 18 amino acidsand 8 micro elements for human body, makes its curative effect and qualityimprove markedly, makes the treasure of Traditional Chinese Medicine ----ancient watermelon frost bloom, and display extraordinary splendor again.

Instant effect, downbearing fire, clearing heat, diminishing inflammation and relieving pain fast. Normally the pain may be relieved in 5-10 minutes after spraying the product. After spraying for numerous times its symptoms may be cleared, the signs of body around the affected part may be recovered normally.

Yessiree, after the downbearing of the fire, I'll be displaying extraordinary splendor again very, very shortly. Basically this 'frost' is a green/black powder you apply with a sort of puffer, onto the sore. And in the meantime I'll also be taking a vitamin supplement and some echinacea. Got to boost my immune system and be firing on all cylinders for events which will be unfolding in 12 days...and will continue unabated for six days thereafter.

As an aside, this magical panacea is manufactured in Guilin in China, one of the most extraordinarily beautiful places I've ever visited.

They still practice the ancient art of cormorant fishing on the Lijiang River.

A snare is placed around the neck of the bird to prevent them from swallowing any of the larger fish they catch (they still get to eat the smaller ones and therefore are kept well nourished). Upon the bird's return to the boat, the fisherman removes the larger fish which are caught in the bird's throat.

And yes, I did have fish for dinner when I was there. A big fish.


George said...

All points in your post are very interesting. Thank you for the education.

Jonas said...

My goodness, Guilin is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Fiona said...

George - so many interesting things in this old world of ours, aren't there :)

Jonas - I was lucky to have visited early on, before mass tourism really hit. The upside of it was that so much was still unspoiled and untrampled. The downside, amongst other things, freaky airplane rides before the domestic airlines were brought to international standards - I'm talking fold-away chairs in the aisles!!

Jamie/foundme said...

That Cormorant fishing is genius!

Here's to the end of canker sores. May they never interfere with your glory again!

mist1 said...

I sliced off a small piece of my mouth with dental floss two days ago. Will this product help?

Fiona said...

Jamie - Indeed, I've been roaming around and home reciting: "Out, damn'd spot! Out, I say!"

Mist - it will indeed. Might I suggest you refrain from using cheese wire as dental floss?

LePhare said...

Beautiful pictures...... but have you tried salt water?

Fiona said...

Ian - nodding...that preceded the hydrogen peroxide 'cure'...you know, the watermelon panacea is working!!!

Sunny Delight said...

OK, now you have to tell us.......was there......"downbearing fire?!?"

Glad it is working, and the photos are breathtaking......there is a children's book written about cormorant fishing, a very interesting practice....I always wonder about the person who first thought of such unusual things like that.

vie~avola~vie said...

Directed to your blog while searching info for Guilin as I might be going there in Aug.

Whow.. it is really a beautiful place.

Thanks for sharing. I hope you don;t mind me putting your link in my blog.


Julian said...


Dean Dacanay said...

That sure is a wonderful place right there. Sounds like you had an awesome time there at Guilin. By the way, did the panacea work its wonders on that sore you had? It would be amazing if there were a lot more effective remedies like those.


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