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Friday, June 22, 2007

A Fork or a Merge

It's all in the perspective.

I look at this picture and see a fork. But it's also a merge. And right now I'm travelling one of those separate paths, heading down to where it merges with the other path, currently being trod by my love. I can see that tree in the distance and I know that when I reach it he, too, will arrive at the same place and we will hold hands the way we do, with fingers intertwined and palms pressed against each other.

And we will finally walk that shared path, together.


To add a little levity to this post, when I googled 'fork in the road' I also got this :


Fusion said...

You made me go awww, and then you made me laugh for the first time today with that second picture!
Thanks Fiona, I needed that!

George said...

I guess it depends on the angel the picture was taken. From the opposite side I would say coming together but from the side on the picture you show I would think going apart. Of course I am a guy and see things very simply.

Fiona said...

I'm glad you got a laugh, Fusion, I'm a bit of a sucker for silly humour like that ;)

George, exactly. All about perspective :) Men are so very visual, that's absolutely true!

Sally-Sal said...


No matter how far the distance between your bodies, it's the distance between your hearts. And the two of your hearts are inseperable.

I can't wait till you find the merge.

Love you.

Fiona said...

Wow Sally, thank you!!!!! That is so beautiful and yes, our hearts are inseperable. Slowly, slowly, we are travelling our individual paths. And yes, we are definitely moving along them towards each other :) Big big hugs, I love you too.

sophie n said...

oh my gosh...

i LOVE that fork in the road picture! lol

NWO said...

The fork in the road was waaayyyy too funny.

But on the first pic, I see something erect at the crotch. Am I so wrong?

Fiona said...

Sophie, me too *L*

NWO - oh my, now that's a perspective I actually hadn't considered....but now you mention it *L*

Jac said...

Actually, now that nwo has said that, it is all I can see! Sort of one of those optical illusion pictures, once you get it, you get it!

Miranda said...

Lol...I too was like aww...how so true, then just about spewed my coffee, seeing the picture.

But yes what you said about the first picture is so true.

May your road become one soon.

Fiona said...

Uh huh Jac....he's really done it hasn't he *L*

Miranda - it's feeling good :) Glad you enjoyed the pic!


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