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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Into the Breach

"Once more into the breach dear friends, once more."

Well, it's about to start. I have to bridge the gap between the time we lose our head of HR, until her replacement comes on board. Two months of vulnerability and exposure for me. Not to mention more work than I would have liked, and I'm not one to shun hard work.

My current boss is leaving and her replacement doesn't start until September. So, I'll have to sit on two chairs for the interim. As though I don't have enough to do in my own job, come Monday I'm also in charge of the entire department. There's a reason I didn't put myself forward for her job, and that's because I like having that layer between myself and those at the very top. I like having my own particular realm of responsibility without it including everything else, and especially without it being at the beck and call of the C(insert letter)Os. They don't intimidate me and perhaps that's the problem. Because of that, sometimes they don't know what to make of me, I don't fit the mold. Besides, I like my little corner cubicle vs. her office. But I'm not moving. Nope, my bum is staying firmly in my standard-back chair vs. her high-back chair (yes we are that anal here), though there's certainly enough of it to fit a cheek on each.

It gives me a headache just thinking about it. About being the one to attend all the meetings, handle all the unexpected questions, go head-to-head with those that can make or break you in a moment, and figuring out how to play their little games. July and August should have been quiet months where I found time to finally get those niggling little outstanding projects finished. Now it seems it's not to be. I was juggling along nicely but now more balls have been added to my balancing act. And I want need to visit with my man before too long, which will prove interesting to accomplish given I'm not supposed to 'leave the helm' during this time. But damnit if he finds a little window of opportunity, I'm there!

Truth be told, I'm feeling a little stressed, sometimes more than a little. Things have been filtering out over the past week or so with an 'over to you' label attached, adding to my already busy day. There will be issues I haven't had to handle before, tasks I was only the support for but now must double-up, and interactions at a whole different level. I have a sense of being overwhelmed just at the thought of it all! And without being able to delegate to myself. I need a 'me' to help out.

My ex-boss (the one before the current one, yep I've been through a few in my day) asked me if I'll be getting some extra monetary recognition for the additional responsibility. That made me laugh, in fact I'll be lucky if I get a 'thank you' at the end of my assignment. I'll be content to survive the two months without dropping any balls and without losing my foothold on this shaky ground. And then in September, that will be a whole different situation altogether, with the new head of function arriving. No doubt with her very own agenda.

Wish me luck, please.


George said...

When the time comes just tell that that it was preplanned and paid for ... then forget about the place and be with the man who has your heart.

Extra money for extra responsibilites? Does that guy work in dreamland? Who ever heard of such silliness?

sophie n said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

You'll do great!

D said...

Guess the chances of you getting a temporary contract "me" in are out of the question also? I'm sure you'll cope well and at least you'll have the support of a loving partner to turn to albeit from afar.

Zibi said...


Gillette said...

Adding my voice. I will wish you lots of hugs, and smiles and reminders that (thank GOD) it won't last too very long.


Trueself said...

Wishing you all the luck in the world. I'm sure you'll handle it wonderfully. Hopefully the time will fly by.

Jac said...

You are way too talented to need luck. You have skill, savy, insight and wisdom. All you need is hte perspective (which all here are providing you) that this work is not the most important thing -- you have a life, a love and a lot to plan for. Who can ask for anything more? Oh yeah, how about a raise?

LePhare said...

Deep breath and go for it. You'll do fine Fi.

Fiona said...

George - I can assure you nothing will stop me from being with my love ;) Hahahahahhaha true, I should have remembered that!

Sophie - thank you :)

d - I may get battered and bruised a little but you're right, I'll get through it and I do have such an amazing love to keep me going :) Thank you.

Zibi - thank you my friend :)

Gillette - If they leave me alone I'll be fine .... it's the damn interference I'm not looking forward to...mind you we're in the midst of opening our next hotel so that should have them preoccupied ;) Thank you!

TS - well if the time keeps flying by like it has been (we are half way through the year, yikes!!) I'll be saying hello to the new head before I know it :)

Jac - once upon a time my work was everything, I found my value through my job. No more. So much has changed for me in that direction. Now I find my value in myself and in the love of a wonderful man. I like it this way much better ;)

Ian - deep breath over the long weekend (actually Monday is a holiday, 10th anniversary of our 'liberation') and off I'll go. Screw em all if they can't take a joke, eh ;)

Sunny Delight said...

Adding my good wishes to all the others....You will do it with finesse and aplomb, it is who you are!

Fiona said...

Sunny - thank you for the confidence. I'll do it, but the aplomb might slip a time or two ;)

Fusion said...

Belated good luck Fiona, sorry it's been busy at work, and then I was working on that big post...fallin behind...


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