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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lunch Yesterday

The festivities continue in the 'celebration' of the loss of our head of HR. Lunch yesterday was a grand affair at one of the finest Chinese restaurants (ours) in town.

In 1998, the authentic Cantonese restaurant was transformed to a rich replica of how the original would have been in 1928, when the hotel opened. Stained glass, dark teak paneling and flooring, Art Deco features, and Frank Lloyd-Wright highlights combine to give a period feel to the restaurant. A tea counter with over 25 selected Chinese teas and professionally trained tea masters in attendance add to the dining experience. Several exclusive dining rooms, situated on two levels, are ideal for private functions.

We feasted on eight courses (auspicious number) :

(CEO), Farewell Lunch for (GM, HR)
on 26th June 2007

點心拼盤 (3款)
Dim sum combination (3 kinds)

Winter melon soup with crabmeat and bamboo fungus

Sautéed prawns with lily bulbs and asparagus

Steamed fresh spotted garoupa

Roast chicken marinated with plum sauce

Fried rice with diced scallops

Sweetened almond cream with rice dumplings

Chinese petits fours

There definitely are some benefits to working for an organisation that includes some of the best eating establishments in this town, if not in the whole of Asia. It was a strange and very strained two hours. I love watching the personal positioning, the deference, the power plays. Best part was the sharing of 'hotel' stories. Oh, if the walls of that place could talk like they did yesterday.


Sunny Delight said...

The menu sounds absolutely scrumptious!

Those observations of others scrambling and posing are rather amusing aren't they?

kimba said...

Lunch yesterday:
toasted sandwich and a sushi roll
a cup of tea (made with an auspicious teabag)
in the victorian era - moderately renovated stable that passes for my office these days..

Fiona said...

Sunny - the food was pretty damn good, I will admit. I'm such a people-watcher ;)

Kimba - sounds deeeelish :) Lunch today (as I type, well not AS but you know what I mean):

Kanimaki (crab stick sushi)
Ceasar salad in the bag
Sprite zero

Zibi said...

Now I'm hungry ...

freebird said...



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