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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hide & Seek

I was never good at hide & seek
because I'd always make enough noise
so my friends would be sure to find me.
I don't have anyone
to play those games with any more,
but now & then I make enough noise
just in case someone is still looking
& hasn't found me yet.

~ Story People by Brian Andreas ~


Matt K. said...

I loved hiding, but sometimes I got a little too good at it, and either got bored, or worried that I'd been forgotten.

These days, I move pretty silently, trying to hide my presence except from those who I want to discover me.

Sally-Sal said...

I found you! I'll be there with two tin cans and plenty of string so we never lose touch ;)

Fusion said...

Tag! you're it... ;)

freebird said...

Is that what we're all doing here in blogland?!!! Hiding, but.... well, you know!

Fiona said...

Matt's in stealth mode ;)

hahahahha Sally - big big hugs!!!!

Fusion...damn I hate being 'it' *L*

FB - good point....hiding and being noisy about it ;)

D said...

Ah good you've finally found me - I was hiding here behind the puppies all along how could you have missed me ?


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