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Friday, August 31, 2007

The FURminator

When I was in Oklahoma City, I managed to wangle a visit to PetSmart, in search of a grooming tool I'd promised my sister. The deal was that I'd do Circuit City with him if he'd do PetSmart with me ;)

Lupo has an incredibly thick undercoat and sheds like crazy all year round. Rhona spends (now spent) her life vacuuming and sweeping and all other methods of collecting dog (and cat) hair. I'd researched grooming aids before my trip and went in search of one. With a little guidance from the groomer in PetSmart, I chose the FURminator. Of course, dried liver treats were also purchased to accompany the package as they are his absolute favourite things and aren't available in Tenerife.

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaa

Just as they promised and Rhona said there was LOTS more. You can see it's pure undercoat from the colour, snowy white versus his black/beige topcoat. She's happy to report that whereas it used to take him hour upon hour to dry after a swim in the sea, and he often had to go to bed wet, he's dry now within an hour. And in the heat over there, he must feel so much better with all that hair off him.

Of course, if there's attention of any kind being doled out, Sai-Loh has to get right in there:

A real bonus of the visit to PetSmart was the fact it was Adoption Day and there were loads of doggies wanting some head or chin scratches. I was in my element and the hardest thing was walking back out that door with just a couple of carrier bags in my hands.


S* said...

That pic would make awesome publicity for the FURminator. You should send it in to them!

Jamie said...

Wow, I'm gonna check that out! I bet the dog stays cooler, too! My dog could USE that!

Miranda said...

Oh I seriously need to get one of those things. We need to vacuum almost every other day with my dog.

Green-Eyed Girl said...

Oooo, my coworker just got one after becoming obsessed with the FURminator and she is so satisfied (and so is her dog). I might have to get one as a gift for my ex and our German Shepherd who stayed with him.

happyme said...

Ahhhhhchoooo!!! I'm allergic to animal hair! Ahhhhhhhchoo!!!

What a great product!

anna said...

I MUST get one of those for Taly (our golden retriever). I wish I had known about it when I had Rainbow (the lab from Mira) because he shed about five times more than Taly ever did.

Unfortunately it isn't sold in my province. I guess I'll have to remember to pick it up the next time I'm in Vermont.

Thanks for the helpful info, Fiona.

Jac said...

I'm not sure that either animal is smiling in those pictures, but I bet they are happier now!

D said...

I think I need one of those for Cas although with my hairy arms legs and back perhaps I could use it also ?

Anonymous said...

He's doesn't look overly impressed with his grooming and holy crap that's a lot of dog hair.

Fiona said...

I should be a FURminator agent *L*

Thank you everyone for the comments and I'm glad I could share this with you. That's what blogging is about...finding positive things to share :)

Oh, Jac and Deb, that's Lupo with his 'rabbit ears', probably because he'd been told not to move when being photographed, he can really WORK that look by the way, especially when there are treats to be had :) He's apparently running around like a born-again puppy without the weight of a wet undercoat dragging him down. As for psycho-sai, that's his regular look (hence the ncikname) - he's one wide-eyed cat!

Dunnski Love said...

You've inspired me...check my blog for the results!


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