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Monday, September 03, 2007


And, and, and, and, and.

It's amazing how often my love and I have commonality of thought. We were talking together during our last visit and from our conversation came the concept of 'and' instead of 'but'. Of how we both understand and desire all the 'and's we can have together. That 'but' does not have a appropriate place in our vocabulary, nor in our future life together.

So often, like this, a thought from one of us triggers the other's mind. One of us will come up with something and the other just climbs on board and expounds on the subject. We pull things from each other's mind that we hadn't really thought about until the other brings it to the fore. And then it's like two minds working as one. We understand concepts between us, with only a few words. We express them to each other not only with words but with the necessary accompaniment of smiles and touches. It's the sharing of our wisdom.

I've never had this level of communication with anyone ever before. Mind you I've never had this level of so many things, until I met this amazing man. This man who lights up my life in ways I never thought possible, or indeed that I could ever deserve them.

We're moving forward, every day. And we're happy, deliriously so.

And, and, and, and, and .....


Sunny Delight said...

and, and, and,

it is wonderful to read you so full of happiness!

happyme said...

and I am so happy that you are deliriously happy!

Fiona said...

*VBS* Sunny - brimming over in fact. Every day, in every way, we grow closer. It's nothing short of phenomenal :)

Happyme - thank you! :)

anna said...

and is a much better word than but

Fusion said...

awwww, Sunny Delight took the words right out of my mouth!


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