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Friday, August 24, 2007

It Has Been a While

On my way home yesterday, I detoured to the big Japanese supermarket I love pushing (and filling) a trolley around, to find my perfect dinner:

(sorry about the quality of the photo, I didn't realise my settings were wrong until after I'd consumed everything!)

Tuna (not raw, blech I hate raw fish), egg and lettuce, sesame seed-encrusted sushi. And what must be one of the finest peaches in the world, the Hokkaido white. Sweet, juicy and BIG!

Aaaaaaah life can be good. And it was a treat for me post-dentist. He completed the work with no further removal of cheek tissue. Despite having seven injections, and an upper lip that was literally paralysed for four hours, the residual pain is negligible today, I'm glad to report.

The sushi and peach were consumed with gusto!


anna said...

Sushi... yummmm! (Although I prefer the raw fish variety).

Big, juicey peaches... yummmm!

I'm glad you enjoyed that yummy treat. Good for you for being good to yourself. You deserve it.

Jonas said...

First, a squiggle of puppies, and now this! You're killin' me, Fiona...killin' me!

George said...

I wonder if they have Hokkaido white where you will be living in the united states.

Charmed said...

Mmmmm...I absolutely ADORE sushi.

Fiona said...

Anna - I can just about eat it raw if there are lashings of wasabi!! God I love how that stuff pinches the back of the nose *L* :)

Jonas - LOL sorry about that!!

George - a Georgia yellow will be just as good to me, I'm very adaptable to my surroundings :)

Charmed - with lots of wasabi or are you a wasabi-less sushi eater? :)

Charmed said...

Ohh, I am a wasabi-less sushi eater, Dunnski is the wasabi lover.

Fiona said...

Got to have that wasabi kick!!! :)

D said...

Fiona i hope the lip didn't mean you dribbled ;-) It sounds wonderful will you cook it for us all at your wedding please ?

Fiona said...

Well, D, I tried to take a drink of water with my lunch (which involved spooning rice and chicken into my right cheek and masticating it using only 1/8 of my teeth) and I half choked half dribbled it out....I then tried a straw but couldn't suck it up without a functioning top lip.

I also tried to make kissy sounds to my guy on the phone and it sounded like I was blowing raspberries.

Suffice to say I was a mess and thank goodness it had almost completely thawed when I went into the meeting with one of the big boys. Although I was slurring a bit and had to reassure him that it was a dental issue, not an alcohol intake issue!!!

Jac said...

I must admit: I'll skip the sushi, but masticate is my favorite word!

freebird said...

Hmmmmm, I might have to have a word with your guy about this Gusto bloke.
Oh, and if D's going to your wedding, can I come too? ;-)

Charmed said...

Thanks to this post, I am going to have to eat sushi for lunch today. I am craving it!!

Miranda said...

mmm Im not a seafood fan, but ohh that peach looks sooo good.

kimba said...

Fuse had his first sushi roll last week (well, it was a handroll with chicken in it - baby steps)

The combination of sushi and peach looks to die for.. thanks :)

Fusion said...

I'll work my way up I figure, and for someone who isn't that big into peaches, I have to say that one looked peachy ;)

Fiona said...

*L* Jac well that's a strange favourit word!!! :)

FB - oh yes, for sure!!! :)

Charmed - hope you found what you were craving :)

Miranda - it was the best peach I've ever had, without equal :)

Kimba - that's a good start :)

Fusion - canned tuna next? ;)


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