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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bella Bella

Isn't she the most beautiful puppy ever! So aptly named, for Bella is truly bella. D sent me this latest pic and I had to share it, he calls it "Stripey Bella".

Bella is the mother of my next dog. When I told D that I only take rescued animals as my pets, he told me he'll lock up one of her puppies in a barn and I can rescue it *L*.

She's growing up so fast!


D said...

I can do what I did with her mother when she was young. Lock her in a shed full of ewes with their lambs. Needless to say she has never been a sheep chaser.

EmmaK said...

She is absolutely beautiful...and that's said from a person who isn't a dog lover. I'd take her in if she looked at me like that.

Sunny Delight said...

She is most adorable!

~Tim said...

Ooh, she really is bella! What a cutie.


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