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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Eyes Twitcheth

These poor eyes are tired and sore. Oh, and they're twitching. My upper eyelids are twitching like crazy today. If I close them and lay my fingers lightly over the lids, I can feel the twitching beneath my fingertips. I've had twitching eyes before but never solely on the upper eyelids.

I was talking with Nooj earlier about our workload. That's the problem with being overly-capable. We're being dumped on because our new boss knows we will make it happen and make it happen well. The other seniors in the department are pretty much just coasting along still. Perhaps what they need to realise is that this new one will allow a little coasting, but not for long.

Monday mornings are bad enough without an avalanche of emails on every subject under the sun. One thing she did warn us about, is that she's very disorganised. That should be VERY disorganised. She hops from one thing to the other, never finishing the item before. I have, right now, six major pieces of work in the active mode. And at least 20 minor pieces, but which keep being pushed to the back burner as more things get added to the list. At least, this morning, for the first time in two weeks, I managed to sort out the mountain of paper on my desk and update the files that need updating. I also wrote out an entirely new things-to-do-list. Just looking at it makes my heart beat faster.

I worked last week on average, 14 hours a day. There was one day I worked from 6:30am straight through to 10:30pm, with only about 45 mins for lunch. By Friday evening, I was dead. On Friday evening, after collapsing on my bed and immediately falling asleep, I was woken by a text alert. I texted my love with a reply and then fell back asleep immediately, waking several hours later and wondering what on earth was in my hand and what time was it and hell, what day was it?

I slept a lot over the weekend which helped a bit. But quite honestly these long days are not as easy as I used to find them. This old dame just aint what she used to be. And having to deal with incomplete, if not mixed, messages is just plain tiring. And time wasting. And frustrating. As much as my old boss had her issues, at least she thought things through before acting on them. And there are only so many times one can argue things without seeming to be totally negative.

I miss my online friends, I miss emailing them. I miss hearing from them, even though they've been so good about emailing me, particularly when they get no response. I need a holiday. I need my love to hold me and nurture me. And I need to hold and nurture him. The 10th of November still seems so very, very far away. But thank goodness we have that date locked in. I know parting from him this time will be harder than any other visit. We have our future ahead and each day is a day towards our shared life. But it's hard nonetheless. We both have found the courage we need and now it's a matter of time. All we need is a little time to reach our goals.

One thing is for sure, as time goes by I'm going to miss this job less and less.

A bright spot in my day - I found these in the local deli. Yummy!


freebird said...

That's OK Fi, as you can see from your last post, we're quite happy chatting amongst ourselves for a while!

Looks like you've made a rod for your own back by being too good at your job and getting your boss out of the mess she keeps dumping on you through her own incompetence. It's a hard loop to get out of.
What I can't understand is why this VERY disorganised person is senior to you!

I've done the 14 hour a day stuff and I did it for far too long. Although I was my own boss you could say that ultimately my bosses were my customers. I found that they will just take and take as much as you give and give until I realised that it's just not worth it. It's bad for the health and it showed. So the only thing to do is reduce their expectations - not in the quality of your work, but by making their demands fit a more reasonable level of supply. As a result my health and work improved - and I didn't lose any valued customers!

Sunny Delight said...

Wondering the same thing as Freebird....how, how in the world did someone so DISORGANIZED get to be in a top management position???!!!

Wishing you didn't have to do all this, but you do have your November time to look forward too.

Sending you a cyber- neck massage to soothe your tense muscles...and cybe-cucumber slices for your eyes...yeah I know...it does nothing really...but wishing it could.

Many hugs.

LePhare said...

One of my stand up cuddles on it's way...... if that's permitted, you being 'spoken for' and all that.

Eccles cakes...... I'm a custard slice sort of person..... but let's be honest, any cake will do!

George said...

Did anyone ever read The Peter Principal ... you could find some answers there to discover the reason why she has the job ... something to do with being promoted until you reach your level of incompetance ... and you stay there (and make the lives of everyone around you miserable)

D said...

and breathe remember November is but a month away and come this time next year you will have left all this behind.

And to cheer you up I'll mail you a video clip of my 70 year old mother on a bucking bronco - and perhaps myself in a sumo suit.

Hope you get the 14 hours per day down to at the most 11 and you remember to live for yourself not the company.

freebird said...

Hope you enjoyed the Eccles Cakes, and I hope you remembered to pop them in the oven first. :-)

Who Me? said...

They are very beautiful eyes by the way Fiona!

Life is too short for such long days at work. But you are quite obviously one of those people with a very high work ethic and you work until the job is done!

I was one of those people too - and in the end I found it impossible with the children after the ex nicked off and took his parents (aka babysitters) with him :(

So annoying when people who work hard just get more and more work thrown at them. To me a good boss would be the type who made sure every one did their even share. Shape up or ship out!

At least you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and some little moments of brightness in between to make the wait a little easier :)

Like your holiday in November and Eccles Cakes!

Do they have raisins in them? Is that why d call them 'dead fly cakes'?


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