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Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Absence

Yes, I am alive! But busy as hell right now though, as my new boss arrived on Tuesday and I've been totally swamped since then with keeping things going and helping her settle in. Her nickname is 'The Woman of a Thousand Questions'.

I owe emails right, left and centre. I promise next week I'll have more of me to share around. Please stay tuned and be safe, happy and positive!

For those who are interested, everything on the luuuuuuuuuurve side continues to be phenomenal. Apart from the fact that December (egads!!!) looks like the next window of opportunity trip-wise, for both of us *insert sad face*.


D said...

Fiona - all work and stupid bosses asking too many questions leads to a dull life. Still I guess your still holding that joker in your hand ready to play at the most opportune moment - and that at lest will see you through the mountain of questions.

Sunny Delight said...

Just take care of you, the rest of us can wait.

The sad thing is, for every two questions she asked now, she will repeat at least one of them, one month, two months, even three months down the road...poor you...oh wait...in 3 months you will be on vacation! *VBS*

freebird said...

Don't worry about us, Fi. Just plough through and surface when you're ready. Don't let work get you down though, and er, happy Christmas you two!

LePhare said...

Better a boss that asks question than one who knows it all. Take care Fi...... and love the fridge message board.

happyme said...

December? Boo hoo :(

Oh well, soon you will have the rest of your lives :)

Fusion said...

Good luck breaking in the new boss, and don't worry about us fellow bloggers, we'll still be here when you get back...


George said...

Business first but your blogging friends a very close second

Fiona said...

D - Too true! But I'm getting there, slowly. It's all good stuff, it's just a lot all at once and I'm trying to temper her enthusiasm a little as our culture is very different from what she's used to. She even openly admitted she 'seeks out conflict'...to which I had to tell her that for longevity, she has to tread carefully there!

Sunny - You nailed it. But at least she apologises when she realises she has become repetitive ;) We're now shooting for November!!

FB - Ploughing and planting ;) It got me down on the odd day but I bounced back. My poor love had to bear the brunt of it - and he still loves me :) :) :)

Ian - Absolutely, the last one was a know it all! I lost count of the number of times I left her office with a red face, f'ing and blinding. I do love the fridge too, wish they'd made it easier to use! :)

Happyme - Well, maybe November now and absolutely, we will have forever, before too long. I'm so blessed :)

Fusion - I think we're growing well together, it's a good relationship and she gives credit where credit is due, something the last one never did :)

George - I still read, even though time to post and email is so limited :)


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